Wednesday, June 2, 2010

OMG, first real post and here I am!!!

My friend Kristen is soooooo nice! Thanks Kristen for talking me into this!!

Well, I am pretty excited for tomorrow eve! I have a first time private lesson with Meggie Allen Parelli Instructor for about an hour, or two with Enzo! I cannot wait to see what helpful Parelli arrows she can give me? Here is her site if you want to check it out?

I have done Parelli for about 8.5 yrs, or more. But before, I owned a horse that was a Left Brain Introvert and now I have a Left Brain Extrovert! Completely different sides of the chart, LOL. My introvert (Palidor) wouldn't like to move. My new extrovert Enzo LOVES to move! Enzo has a play drive like no other and everything has to go into his mouth! He keeps me hopping, in more ways than one! So, you can see why I am excited about the pointers I will get Thursday eve. I will have more posts after the lesson! Here is more about horse personalities, if you not familiar with Parelli?


  1. Hi Janie! I am also very glad to see that you have joined the world of blogging! Kristen is 100% right, you're going to be hooked in no time! I'm so happy to add another blog to my reading list, I'm really looking forward to following Enzo's journey.

    Take care and don't forget to write!

    Karla (

  2. Ya Janie...I'm so glad you created a blog of your own...your guest post left me wanting to know more of your (and Enzo's) story plus learn some more Parelli. I'm looking forward to reading!

    Julie (

  3. Awwhh, you guys are all sooo nice!! I'll try to do my best, LOL!!!

  4. Janine,
    I am excited for you and Enzo to start a relationship using Parelli Horse Training! I can't wait to hear how your lesson turns out. Good luck and keep up the good play...

    Yours Naturally,

    Petra Christensen
    1Star Parelli Junior Instructor

  5. Janine!

    So glad to see you started your blog. I loved your story on Kristen's blog. Keep us updated!

    Lyndsey Fitch
    Parelli Mastery Program