Friday, June 18, 2010

Keeping it easy....

Some fun pictures of Enzo playing ball with one of his horse friends this past winter! Enjoy.

Keeping it easy for a little while. Since, I think Ezno might have 2 splints. One in each front leg! Agggh. I have my vet coming out this coming Tuesday to confirm or not to confirm, etc? So last night I just worked on Enzo getting on and off of the trailer and working on closing the trailer door. My door closes pretty noisily! Anyway, Enzo has been progressing with the trailer work so well and I am sooo pleased!!! I cannot wait to take him for a trailer ride down the road one day. Tonight, I think I'll just give him a bath. Since, it will be 90 degrees today. And give Enzo lots of rubs to keep his legs quiet again. I am sure Enzo won't mind the extra love!
Create great moments,

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  1. Cutie pie Enzo!!! I can see he likes to be stimulated...LOTS!! I hope the splints heal up fast and easy (and easy on the wallet).