Thursday, June 3, 2010

I set up the arena last night!

Last night I set up my indoor arena as a Parelli play world! I have tires, jumps, barrels, poles, street cones, caution taped tied on fences and blowing in the breeze, a child's sand box with a moving weasel in it, giant Parelli green ball, and even a CD player with all kinds of scary noises on it(I'll try to post pics later)! I am all set for Meggie to come and play with us. I felt like Christmas eve last night and couldn't sleep! Because, I am really excited to meet Meggie today and see how she can grow my relationship with my horse Enzo! I took Enzo around the arena last night. He was fine with everything except the blowing caution tape and weasel. He wasn't really sure what this was all about! That was the first time I had used these items last night. Enzo did really well and as usual was very mouthy with everything including my pants, hands, shoes, lead rope, etc! Gotta love the PLAY drive he has! Again, I'll try to get some picture taken tonight for everyone to see!


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