Monday, June 7, 2010

Last nights play time

I played with Enzo last night and it went even better! We didn't leave far from front driveway by barn. But, Enzo relaxed outside(THE SCARY AREA) while I played with him, didn't try to run away with me today, didn't try to bite me so much, was more responsive to me, got him to pay attention to me when he did get distracted, and Enzo licked and chewed at least 5 times! And, I loaded Enzo on trailer(practicing) which went great and I closed door a few times all the way and Enzo was just fine! I'll just work slowly. My lesson with Meggie has helped me so much that I now know what I am asking for and how long to ask. Before, I wasn't sure of what I was asking and what I needed and if I didn't know? Why should Enzo trust me of course! Today I had clear ideas come across to Enzo and he understood me better as well. I of course, still expect rough days, but feeling better of helping both of us for now.

Information again on Parelli horsenalities below. If you cannot open the other link I posted before, sorry. Enzo is an Extreme Left Brain Extrovert.

Extroverted horses tend to:
have high energy
have more “go”
be quick
have a tendency to run

The Introverted horse exhibits these qualities:
low energy
more “whoa”
has a tendency to stop

Right-Brain horses tend to be:
not confident

The Left-Brain horse tends to be:



  1. Right on! Sometimes a 2nd set of eyes really helps, especially when they are such knoweledgable eyes! Nice to hear he is making progress!

  2. fun seeing you yesterday, thanks for visiting!
    Here is a fun blog I think u would enjoy:
    about an adorable Haflinger! :)
    So based on the Parelli info, Laz is for SURE a Right Brain horse..with 85 Extrovert and 15 % Introvert. Is that possible, lol!? :)

  3. I admit I chuckle at the term horsenality but I really do see the value in knowing what learning style would best benefit your horse! Actually I see Miles as being more of an introvert left brain, though he is an OTTB so that extrovert rears its head occasionally, lol! I'm glad Meggie was helpful. I always feel better when I have a gameplan to tackle a problem:)

  4. Kristen, I love it, thanks!!! And yes, they can be 85% to 15%. Enzo is 90% let brain and 10% right brain as well. But, he is always extrovert. But, in short yes they can be different parts. Some horse can be all 4 parts at different times, that's really tricky! LOL. The trick is learning how to to handle the horse you have at that moment he shows. Janine

  5. Why would anyone want to know what horsenality your horse would be in order to train it? Basically once you know what they are, you can take different ways to handle them. Let me try to explain. I myself am a quiet person and get scared when people yell at me. If you were my owner and you kept yelling at me to teach me. I wouldn't have very much respect for you and probably wouldn't do as well for you. Since I would be scared of you. Now, if I was very dominant and you were very shy. I probably would walk all over you! But if you knew you had to be just as strong as me, or stronger for me to learn. Then again, I would respect you more than me just walking all over you. Sooo, in the Parelli world it just helps owners to know what kind of horse they are dealing with. Are they dealing with a horse that is super shy and passive?? Or, are they dealing with a horse that is really dominant and pushy? Or maybe a horse that just simply shuts down?? Hope I didn't just confuse people more, Janine

  6. Janine, thank you for explaining what "horsenality" means to you. I might add that knowing our horse's horsenality helps us to read and understand our horse so we can do the right thing in the right moment for the individual horse to calm him down, develop trust, motivate and teach him. Only in a calm, trusting state of mind will we and our horses learn... And with "Horsenality" comes the challenge not to put our horse in a "box" but play with the horse that shows up on this day...

    Keep up the good play with Enzo!

    Petra Christensen
    Parelli 1Star Junior Instructor

  7. Thanks Petra! Sometimes it's harder for me to write what I need to say!