Thursday, October 3, 2013

Kensington accomplished also with pics!!! Trail Ride #4! Great job Kaspin!! xoxoxo

This past Saturday was going to be perfect!! 75 and sunny!! How could I not go trail riding!! I originally had nothing planned for this past Saturday, but decide the weather was just too nice to pass up. I called up my girlfriend Friday night and wanted to see if she wanted to go trail riding Saturday! She said yes and we agreed to Kensingon Metro Park in MI. I was thrilled, but a bit nervous at the same time. This park can be pretty challenging for the NEW trail horses. Being a popular Metro park and the weather being perfect all of Michigan could be there Saturday biking, hiking, jogging, dogs, children, you name it! It will be there! I wasn't really sure if Kaspin could handle this park yet? I was going to try this park next year! But here it was we were going to go! I also was a bit nervous, because the horse we were going with was not confident like Kaspin. All the other times Kaspin had gone with confident horses to take over if need be. How was this going to work with 2 chickens leading the way???? I told my friend I hope she can get her horse to lead, because if mine won't lead we won't be going very far, LOL. When we got there both our horse were fresh and acting very nervous. Oh boy! We both got on and we could tell both our horses wanted to move their feet a bit, due to nervousness. I could tell Kaspin was following my friends mare big time and was hardly listing to me. I thought this is not going to go well today and this was my first time ever not feeling Kaspin right with me. Lucky for both of us, even if our horse get scared and nervous they really don't do much!! So they are still easy for both of us to handle, but the horse were definitely feeding off each other at first! About a 1/4 of the way I asked if I could lead. I asked Kaspin to pass her horse and for the fist time Kaspin said no way!!! I was amazed that Kaspin did this since the last 3 rides he did lead with no problem. I think Kaspin was just feeling the other horse being too nervous and said if she is nervous, then there is no way I am leading this situation. I got a stick from a tree and asked Kaspin again with a few taps of my creative crop. Kaspin  then went with NO problem!! Yeah, Kaspin!! I think that is when Kaspin found his courage again and came back to me!!! After that Kaspin no longer was following the energy of the mare! Matter of fact my friend asked if she could lead again and now her mare no longer wanted to lead!! She felt just fine hiding behind Kaspin. I gave my friend my stick and she did get her mare to lead again though. Even after that Kaspin stayed a cool cucumber in back and was even able to grab grass along the trail! Showing me he was completely fine with things. Even the mare could go up ahead at least 6 horse lengths and Kaspin didn't care. Later the mare spooked really hard at the end of our ride at something imaginary on the trail and Kaspin didn't even flintch!!! Great boy Kaspin, yeahh!!! So YES we accomplished Kensington and I couldn't be more happy and proud of my boy!! Here are some pics from our super fun day!!!

Starting out our day at the gas station! Kaspin did great with all the commotion! I only opened the windows when stopped. I don't drive with window down/open ever!!! 

 Off we go!!
 Letting the Freisian Isabella to take some time to look at something that worried her. 
 Off again.
 Kaspin leading! 
 I am all smiles!!
 Kaspin leading again.
 Good boy Kaspin!!!

 Me waving Hello!!
 The kids saying Hello to each other.
 Saying hello to other riders on the trails.
 Beautiful scenery we get to see. Pretty water in the background.
 Beautiful Friesian Isabella. I love her very much! Makes me miss Enzo a lot:(
 Kaspin cool as a cucumber when we were back:)
I so love you Kaspin!! xoxo


  1. Bless his Hafy Heart. Beautiful pix, glad you posted them, I got to pretend to e on the trail too. hopefully Camryn & I will hit the trails again next year. This year just to darn busy with human stuff.

    1. Yes, lots of good human stuff this year! I think you can make trails next year for sure:) Thanks!

  2. Replies
    1. Super thanks! You guys seem to be doing pretty awesome as well!!

  3. What a fantastic day you rode on :) Kaspin is doing so well!

    1. Thanks girly!! We will see ya soon!! xoxo

  4. I didn't know you had a friend with a Friesian! She is gorgeous. She makes me miss Enzo too though.

    I'm glad you had fun! Kaspin is such a good boy!!!!!

    1. Yes, this is the friend I purchased Enzo from at the time. She is also the one with the new baby with white star on forehead out of Fridse 423.