Friday, September 27, 2013

I love my photographer!!

I think this photo shoot was about a month ago. It was at one of the local parks here in MI. Here are a few previews my photographer already gave to me. The 1st picture we were working on silhouette pictures with the lovely evening sky. Then a B52 flying horse bug came along!! Kaspin was not amused as you see, LOL. I still love and cherish this shot!! And I love that Holly actually caught the bug in the photo!! It was HUGE!! 

I also asked Holly if she could try to get a nice eye shot of Kaspin. Since I think Kaspin has some of the best equine eyes, and of course she did!  

This picture so far is my favorite! Just dreamy!! I love you Kaspin!!

This one is fun and different. Kaspin  and I were down in the river at this point! I cannot wait to see what other amazing shots she got of us in the river? Next time, I will have to ride Kaspin. I wasn't sure how Kaspin was going to handle this park with all the hikers, bikers, dogs, children, canoes, etc. So I decided to stay safe and just stay on the ground this time:) 

Want to see more of Holly's lovely work go to Thank you Holly for all the amazing pictures over the years!! 

Me smiling, lovely Kaspin, and the missed Enzo. 


  1. Wow, she did an amazing job. Love em all but, that 1st and last are both awesome

  2. I love seeing the photos she takes! She has a great eye. And very nice subjects to photos as well :)

  3. you should love your photographer ;)...they are awesome as always!!!

  4. Great photos! That is something to have caught that first one like that! I checked out the link...and WOW! Neat to read about your experience with Kaspin! he used to be so scared and is doing very well now!

    1. Thanks Ryan! Looks like you take some pretty cool photos yourself! Yes, I am thrilled my Kaspin is getting braver daily now:)

  5. WOW! I LOVE all of the photos! You're so lucky to have such a talented photography friend! I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. Those are amazing! 3