Sunday, October 13, 2013


Yes, another trail ride under our belts! Got to ride with 4 other friends!! Kaspin AGAIN did super awesome! Kaspin even lead for half of the time!!!! Yes, Kaspin was leader and it went really well! The other trail rides I took Kaspin on. Kaspin only led for a little while, but Kaspin was really slow walking. I would end up going back in line. Since I would feel bad that everyone had to go soooo slow behind us. But this time Kaspin walked on with no problem and strided out. What a brave boy!! The only thing Kaspin didn't like and I need more practice with was ditches on the trail. There were parts of the trail that were sooo worn away  from horses walking though. That the trail turned into super deep gully's. Kaspin thought they were way too dark to walk into and for sure would eat horses!! I tried by myself  to go, but Kaspin would jump up on the ridge and just walk around, LOL! Kaspin would walk through if another horse went. Something I will have to work on at another time. The weather was beyond awesome too. Gotta love the lovely fall weather in MI with no bugs!!! 

Kaspin learning to tie to a trailer again.
Harlequin Julia's new horse. Soo beautiful! 

 The morning thick fog. 
 Kaspin being good boy on trailer!! 
 Steve leading the way as we started that AM.
 Friends behind us.
 Now Gayle leading the way with he lovely Morgan!
 Love the fall color!! 
 Pictures with friends along the way!!
 Picture with Kaspin in the group.
 Julia on her new horse. 

 Kaspin leading the way and doing super!!! Yeahhh Kaspin!!! 
 The group back at camp!!
 Kaspin and I all done with the ride. Too bad, the picture was blurry, oh well. Not sure how Kaspin was standing either, LOL.
 What a super trail ride with great friends!! 

 Kaspin getting some yummy grass for a treat! 
 Kaspin back on the trailer.
 And Kaspin even eating his hay!!! Yes!!! Normally Kaspin doesn't eat hay on the trailer since he gets nervous on the trailer. God boy Kaspin!! 

Thanks for the lovely day Kaspin!! I am sooo beyond proud of you!! xoxoxoxo


  1. Another great ride! Yay for Kaspin! I'm glad he's slowly conquering his trailer fear too. :)

    1. Thanks for catching up and for all the lovely comments!!! I am glad your back and can't wait to hear more about your kids too:)