Monday, October 7, 2013

Saturday humid ride at home (pics).

Had another great Saturday with Kaspin! Played on line a bit first in the outdoor arena. Then played a bit with riding and canter while riding. Trying to get Kaspin to stay calm when he canters during riding. Otherwise Kaspin gets really emotional and worried. We also went out back by ourselves in a halter again. I have gone out back before, but Kaspin still showed signs of being worried out there. This was the 1st time kaspin stayed calm and trusted me the whole way!! We even rode by an older lean two and a flock birds flew out by us. Kaspin didn't even flintch!! I was super amazed! A year ago, kaspin would have bolted and left me in the dust for sure!! 

I  LOVE my Kaspin!!
 Yuck, look at all the dirty sweat running down his legs!!! It was really humid Saturday and Kaspin has most of his winter coat in already. The poor boy is dying of heat stroke, LOL. Straight to the showers!!! 
 Kaspin enjoying his lovely clover after the ride Saturday:) 
 More wet hair all over Kaspin's body.
 Even sweat under his little chin, chin!!! 
Still cannot believe how great and brave Kaspin is becoming!! One day it will sink into me!! How hairy are your horse already????? 


  1. Shy is getting there! Her head is starting to get hairy and so is her belly. Love hearing how awesome you and Kaspin are doing :) Keep it up!

  2. Camryn is nearly ready for winter. To ready for the humidity for sure!

  3. Yup, Laz is really growing his coat in quickly..he was a crusty mess yesterday already! Good boy Kaspin! Looking forward to our next trail adventure :)

  4. Chrome takes forever to grow his winter coat. It's a little longer now, but nowhere near his full winter coat.

    I'm glad Kaspin is so confident and happy!