Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween from Kaspin and I!!! We won 1st place, 2nd year in a row, yeahh!

This past Saturday I got Kaspin all ready for a Halloween Contest on Sunday the 27th! At Proud lakes Spooktacular Event!! I painted Kaspin as a giraffe and I was a safari tour person! We won 1st place again for the 2nd year in a row!! Unfortunately, not as many entries as last year due to weather. I am so pleased with Kaspin and he was an awesome trooper with it all!! Here are some pics from beginning to end. 

Starting with a clean body and neck. I hardly ever see Kaspin's neck with no mane!! 
  Working my way up and hooves painted black already. 
 Checking how the head band/horns look on him. 
 The rail came out super!!
Now we are at the park on Sunday. It rained 2 hours on Kaspin after I painted Kaspin on Saturday evening. Lucky for me I need dawn dish soap to wash the paint off. So when it rained the paint stayed on, woo hoooo!! 40 dollars in paint by the way!

 Now I have my outfit on and ready to go. Over 105.00 dollars into Kaspin and I.

 All smiles!!
 Friesian as a killer whale. I loved it! They got 2nd.

 Christmas horse.
 Not sure what they were but I liked them!

 My camera still sucks. Plus it was hard to do everything myself. Listen, take pictures, watch/handle Kaspin, etc. 

 Me with my binoculars, LOL. 
 Cruella Deville and her Dalmatians(she brought 2 leopard Appy's), LOL

 More smiles!
 This flower pony was sooooooooooooo cute. They got 1st in kids category!!

 Got my 1st place money in hand!! 25 dollars!!

 This was back at the barn now. I love the tail!! You can see where white lines rubbed off in trailer.
 Pretty mane.
 Love the horns.
 Close up.
 Kaspin getting clover's as a treat for the day!!!!

 Mane in the sun, so pretty.
 I love this picture!! I came back after turning Kaspin out already. I went back for my camera to take end of day shots. Kaspin turned from his hay and was walking to me again. I was sooooo surprised and so happy Kaspin didn't hate me for painting him for 2 hours and torturing him with all of this Halloween stuff for 2 days!
 Crazy looking Kaspin after the day was done.
 He looks rough, LOL
 My hand gets all white after scratching him, LOL. I didn't bathe him, he went through enough and it was cold out. It will just wear off. 
 I love this picture also! Kaspin tried to follow me back in when I left. I had to tell him to stay. I love this amazing horse!!!!!!!!
Last years 1st place costume. There were more people at least 30 entries. You can tell the weather was much better last year. 

My 1 and only little video I took. Wish I had more!



  1. I love his mane! That is so cool :)

  2. Amazingly creative. WOW, that is the best costume ever. If/when Grandbaby ever enters Camryn in a costume contest I'll be coming to you :) Not kidding!

  3. LOL!!! I can see why you won the last couple years!!! ...those are AWESOME I mean this in a good way, but if I had been drinking something, I'd ah spit it all over my computer!!!

  4. He is gorgeous. You did a fabulous job! I LOVE it! Congrats

  5. Wow that is awesome!! Probably the best costume I've ever seen! You're so creative. Congrats on first place!

  6. Awesome! He looked great! What kind of paint do you use? I use food coloring on my horse and it does not stay on as well.

    1. Hello, thanks!! Most of the time. The regular Halloween hair color hair spray paint woks just fine(washed off like nothing too). However the white hardly showed up! So I found Sheplers horse hair spray. It works great and stay on in rain. It rained on Saturday night for 2 hours and lucky for me it stayed on till Sunday. It will wear off more and more over 5 days, but will wash off with DAWN dish soap if your in a hurry. The spray is used more for horses to brighten their white hair or they offer colors for darker horses if they have an injury you want to cover. Plus the can was large and only 9.99. I bought 3 cans white and 1 can brown for the giraffes mane. You can use non toxic washable kids paint also. But when your horse is furry as min!! The lines look like crap and it comes off too easy too. So I really am not a fan of the paint on kind. Probably would work much better with a short summer coat! Thanks have fun!!

  7. I don't know if you saw it yet, but you won the big Facebook costume contest, too! So, you can add $275 in gift certificates to your prize money! :-) I'll bet Kristen will probably email you to let you know, but I wanted to leave you a message here, too. Congrats!

    1. No, I have not seen as of yet! How cool!!! I cannot thank you enough and this is soooooooo exciting!!! I am sure Kaspin will be thrilled too! Since had had to be sprayed for 2 hours, LOL!! Thanks sooo very much!!!!!!