Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Well are you sick of me yet?? I just cannot say enough!! Where did my SUPER horse Kaspin come from, LOL. He is just doing soooooo super!! I rode Kaspin 4 straight hours through Pontiac Lake Trails this past Saturday for a POKER ride! Kaspin did a tunnel 2 times, water crossings, jumped large logs, lead part of the time, went at the back of the line part time, saw cars, walked over road lines, passed bikers, hikers, rain, and passed many horses on tight trails. Kaspin even went on the picket line 1st time ever and acted like a pro!!!!!! Kaspin you're awesome!!! Here are my pictures of our super day! 

Kaspin just getting on the picket line when I 1st got there to let him chill out before the ride. His friend Junior is next to him.

 And we are off this morning in the rain. 
 One of my favorite spots in the park. I haven't been on that spot in 6 years! 
 Off we go through the woods again.
 Coming to the tunnel under the road!! 
 Kaspin is in!! kaspin was a bit worried but didn't do anything silly. 
 And Kaspin is through, yeahhh!!!
 Back on the trails.
 Kaspin leading again and doing really well. 
 The horses behind Kaspin. We were 3 but at this point we picked up 2 others and were 5 horses. 
 Roxanne getting a ribbon from a tree. For every ribbon you turn in later you get a card to make a poker playing hand later and best hand wins!!! Roxanne won!!!!!!!!! 
 Kaspin just watching things. 
 LUNCH!!! Yum, hot dogs, chips, and pop!! 
 My turn to get a ribbon from the canP:) 
 Kaspin was hoping it was horse cookies in the can instead!!! Here he is saying... where is my cookie!!! He got one after:) I am bad!! LOL. 
 Off we go again and the sun now was out for the whole afternoon! The weather was perfect!! 

 Kaspin watching Nicki behind us. Nicki had to pee, LOL. 
 Nicki getting back on.

 Here is one of the water crossings and Kaspin could have cared less. Went through it like a pro again!! 
 Good boy Kaspin!!! 

 Back down the power lines!! 
 And back through the tunnel with me taking pictures this time!! 
 One of the rocky areas Kaspin had to navigate and he did so well! 
 Some more of the large rocks. 

 A trail horse who had to work, LOL. 
 Now Kaspin is a real trail horse when you come back with burrs all over!!! 
 Back on the picket line to rest for the rest of the afternoon in the warm sun. 
 Kaspin hated the hay bags but he eventually figured it out!! 
 Yum yum yum.
 I purchased a purple Pontiac Lake Trail Riders sweatshirt in purple and had to show it off. Can you tell I love purple, LOL! 
What a super day! Thank you Kaspin!!!!! xoxoxoxo


  1. Awesome! I know you have worked so hard to get this far! Yay for both of you :)

  2. What great pictures. And Woo Hoo is the perfect caption, sounds like you guys had a Woo Hoo kinda ride. Had to laugh when Kaspin thought a cookie should come with the can, Camryn would've thought the exact same thing.

    1. Thanks so much we really did have a fun day!!

  3. What a fantastic day! He's really doing so freaking awesome, but all due to YOUR hard work :) You reminded me, treat more!! So I did that on our last ride--I forget to make it more FUN. I love that trail, that was my first trail ride with Laz like 4 yrs ago!! So awesome, I forgot how pretty it is there! xo

    1. Thanks Kristen! You're too kind! Yeah, the place is fun!! Keep having fun too! xoxo

  4. So much fun!!!! I'm so excited for you and Kaspin getting to trail ride. :D