Tuesday, September 17, 2013

I might have a trail horse after all!! Good boy Kaspin!

My goal for Kaspin is to get him OUT more and more now to experience the world, LOL. Plus to keep working on Kaspin's non liking the trailer very much. And me always needing 2 people to load him, agghh. Anyway, after my 1st trail ride last weekend it was time to do another. Kristen and Laz invited us over to their boarding barn to go on some of the trails around their place. Unfortunately the weather wasn't being the best! 60% Rain and cloudy. So we were afraid to go out to far and just get poured on( I was anyway, lol)! We decided to stay at the barn and play with our horses and see what side of the pasture they woke up on? Kaspin was only nervous by the trailer for about the first 5 mins when we arrived and then all was good. Then of course, the rain cleared up!! So we decided to hop on our horses and at least get 1 short road ride in. So I could keep getting Kaspin used to new experiences! Like dogs, kids, mailboxes, cars, etc. Which by the way Kaspin all handled really well. Laz on the other hand for some reason that Sunday was not being a part of this road ride at all. Laz was more into the going back to the barn to his friend Pito. As Laz was arguing with Kristen. I noticed Kaspin walked of and started to lead. WAIT!!! My chickenlinger is leading again??? He did lead a bit on the trail ride last weekend also, too cool! I then turned around  and circled and tried to get Laz to follow us. But Laz would only come about 2 strides and then wanted to head back to the barn again.  You can read of all Kristen journey that day on her blog at Sweet Horse's Breath. Hey! We all know horses are challenging animals! They keep us on our toes and challenge our leadership all the time every minute!! Even though Kristen was so disappointing with Laz at the time:( I think Kristen did GREAT supporting Laz the whole way though and never gave up!!!! By the end Laz was a much better partner for them and realized he didn't win his game:) It is easy to get hard on ourselves, but we have to look at the whole picture, not just that 1 day. Laz has also come a long way with Kristen and they're great partners together!!! I explained to Kristen I felt bad that day, because on the other hand I was super happy with Kaspin( I didn't want to hurt Kristen's feelings)!!! Kristen of course, was happy that we were happy! Kaspin stayed calm as a cucumber as Laz was getting a bit frazzled on the road ride. Kaspin lead a lot of the way in a new strange scary place. Kaspin handled, the screaming kids, barking running dogs, mailboxes, cars, and picking apples of off a tree, LOL. Kaspin also got to practice some more trailer tying for the 3rd time in his life and did great with that too. Kaspin even loaded on the trailer fast when we left, which is unusual also! Still took 2 people, but he loaded fast. So all and all I got more experience for Kaspin!!! Thanks Kristen and Laz!! I am now planning to take Kaspin on a bigger/longer trail ride this Saturday to Pontiac Lake!! I also have a friend who will have a picket line for Kaspin and Kaspin will get to practice the picket line for the 2nd time in Kaspins life! I sooo cannot wait!!! Woo hoo, I never thought my chickenlinger would be able to be the trail horse I wanted!! I am sooo proud of you brave Kaspin. I think Kaspin will have to loose his nickname of chickenlinger, LOL!!!  Here are my pictures from our fun that day!! Thanks again Kristen and Laz and we will be back to do it again another day!!! 

I love this picture of us!! 

 Playing around having fun in the front pasture!!
 Good boy Kaspin!! 
 1 handed HELLO! 
 2 handed Hello of me goofing around, LOL. 
 Kaspin ready for his road ride:)
 Kaspin leading out.
 Kristen leading here:)

Keep it natural, smiling big J9, brave Kaspin, and the never forgotten Enzo! 


  1. Yay! I am so happy for you guys! Chickenlinger. . .I love it and I may have to borrow it :)

  2. LOL what a fun, funny, and crazy day. You did SO great with Kaspin AND US!!! You should be very proud--I'm was impressed with how Kaspin did--all because of your dedication to him :) xoxo

    1. Awhh, you're too nice Kristen!! Thanks for the lovely compliments and you guys are just as awesome!! xoxoxo

  3. Aww that's too bad Laz woke up on the wrong side of the pasture lol, but I'm glad you had fun! Kaspin is such a good boy! You've done a great job with him. :) When I get caught up on your blog I need to go catch up with Kristen and Laz!