Thursday, September 26, 2013

We entered a cool contest!!

We entered a cool contest!! From Life of Riley. This was 1 of my reason of why I love my boy KASPIN that I sent in for my entry! How fun! Ends today at Midnight so hurry!!!!  

I love my Haflinger "KASPIN" sooo very much!!! Because he finally trusts me and has turned into super horse!! I got my Haflinger 2 years ago and he scared of his own shadow daily! He was herd bound terribly, scared all the time, claustrophobic, bolted a lot on line, and with riding. When I took him away from his herd in his pasture Kaspin would get so scarred you could see his jugulars pound! It would take me 1 hour to get him into the barn and 2 hours to get to the indoor arena! I am not joking! Ask my boyfriend who thought I was crazy! I even did this on 20 degree days! All my time and play with him has finally paid off. I just started to take Kaspin on some trail rides this fall( I added 1 photo). We just completed our 2nd ride of 4 hours. We accomplished, 2 road tunnels we rode through, rain, water crossings, jumped over large logs in the way, walked over road lines on road, saw cars, hikers, bikers, dogs, screaming children, Kaspin led part of the way, navigated large rocks/stones on the path, and passed many riders on the narrow paths!! I never ever would have thought that I would ever be trail riding this scared, nervous, scared of his own shadow horse on trails with confidence one day!!!! I am so proud of this boy and Kaspin makes me smile every time he now runs to me from his pasture with a smile on his face!! I am a winner already with this sweet horse! Thanks for the opportunity!! Janine and Kaspin


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    1. Awhh thanks! I wouldn't give him away for anything now:)

  2. You're so right, you are already a winner, as is Kaspin