Friday, March 1, 2013

Winter photographer pictures:)

Most of you already follow me on Facebook, but I will still post my last photo session pictures here as well. For the few people who have not seen them as of yet. My photographer friend Holly is just amazing! I always love having her out and she always captures great memories for me! This time I wanted some winter pictures of Kaspin! I brought my little Cairn terrier Remi with me also that day. I wanted a few pics of Kaspin and Remi together. I also wanted some cool shots of Remi bouncing through the cool snow!! Remi has a birth defect so when Remi gets super excited and tries to run fast he usually wipes out. Holly captured this that day as well and I just love it! That is sooo Remi. Don't worry, Remi never gets hurt and he basically is used to it. Since he doesn't know any different. I love Remi!! And Kaspin too of course!! If you want to look at more fun pictures Holly takes? Go to her cool web page at Enjoy and laugh as I did.

Keep it fun, Janine, Kaspin, Remi, and the never forgotten Enzo.

The end:)


  1. Oh my goodness Remi is ADORABLE!!!! Your friend is talented and your horse is gorgeous so of course the photos are fabulous! I love them!!

  2. Gorgeous shots. WOW. Love Remi, those little terror (oops terriers) are something else. Seeing Kaspin and Remi together makes me miss Camryn's dog Onyx SIGH. Loved seeing them together the way Kaspin and Remi are in the photos.

    1. Thanks so much. That is actually the first time Kaspin and Remi met. It went great as yo see:)