Friday, March 22, 2013

Skunk update and this Sunday in Williamston MI

Update on my stinky skunk smelling Kaspin! I visited him last night and I did purchase Unique Skunk Odor remover and it seems to have helped a ton already! The freezing temps are not helping the application of product. I am to wet hair and keep wet for 20 mins, but the water/solution application ended up freezing on Kaspins forelock and mane. But that was ok and it said I can leave the product on till it dries(doesn't have to be washed off and all natural). So it has plenty of time to be on Kaspins hair. I will be seeing Kaspin the next 3 days in a row and will apply product more if I need to? Either way, I like this stuff a lot!! The barn already was smelling back to normal, just Kaspin's stall smelled a bit. I sprayed some of this stuff in there as well. It says you can use it on pretty much anything!!! 

This Sunday I plan tot take Kaspin to a Parelli workshop. With Meggie and Steve Andrews Parelli professionals  I sooooo cannot wait. 

Workshops will be from 9-12 and 1- 4 pm.

 The morning workshop will focus on "putting the fun in your fundamentals," and is

 open to all levels from beginner to level 4. Workshop will be online. 

The afternoon

 workshop will focus on "isolations: connecting your seat to your horses feet at all

gaits," and will be freestyle riding.

 I really wished the weather was better!! Still so cold and snowy:( But I still plan to have fun!!

Stay warm, Janine, better smelling Kaspin, and the late Enzo.

Common Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hope he doesn't sweat at the workshop, or get wet. That could bring the smell back a bit! I feel for you, had never heard of a skunked horse till now!

    1. Yeah, it shocked me. Especially since Kaspin is a chicken about a lot of things. I just really think he probably thought it was one of the barn cats:)

  2. Have fun at your clinic! The sun was out today and the temps felt a little warmer. I heard the temps are supposed to go up a tiny bit! Can't wait to hear how the clinic goes for you guys :)

  3. Silly Kaspin. As I said on Facebook I hope he's learned his lesson, but hey at least you found a product that works to remove it. :D Have fun at your clinic!! I get to go to a dressage one on Saturday, just to audit. I'm not taking Chrome with me. :)