Thursday, March 28, 2013

Another Birthday passed and where does the time go?

Well my Birthday was yesterday and of course, I won't post how old I am. But man it really makes you think where does the time go??? I so remember when I was a kid Christmas felt 10 yrs apart. Now they feel 10 weeks apart. I remember, I used to think Summer lasted forever. Now winter lasts forever and summers fly by in 4 weeks. And of course, Birthdays now count too fast as well and I wish they would now stop. I am really hoping to be one of those old ladies on the news one day. When the new anchor will say look.... this lady is 100 today!! I like life too much to leave too early. I will have to wait and see! 

Talking about time flying. In 20 days I get my left shoulder surgery done. I am excited to get it done, since my shoulder is getting worse daily.  But in the other hand(no pun intended). I am bummed I have 4 more months of healing time and that means less time Parelli playing with Kaspin. After I do heal though!! My plans are to get Kaspin out the trails for the 1st time ever with me!! I sooo cannot wait!

Before my surgery I am doing my best to stay busy with Kaspin. I had a Parelli lesson the other night with Steve Andrews my Parelli Professional. We touched on the following.

Getting Kaspin to canter on line on the 22 ft rope.
Confidently having Kaspin jump barrels. He won't always jump them. I want him to jump all of them with ease.
On riding, we worked on follow the rail at a walk.
And hind quarter yields on the wall and on the circle.

My next Parelli Lesson is with Meggie Andrews on April 4th. I plan to work on canter on line again and on trailer loading. I cannot wait!

Common Spring, Janine, Kaspin, and the late Enzo.


  1. Hope your Birthday was awesome. I'll send good shoulder vibes for your upcoming surgery.

  2. Happy Birthday and Kaspin will miss you when you are gone. I'm sure he is enjoying all the attention, even if he doesn't like doing everything yet. Just wait, one day he will :)

    1. Thanks for the Birthday wishes! Kaspin is actually doing really great for being such a chicken, LOL. Even when I can only use one arm. I still plan to see Kaspin a couple times a week I think?? I will need a friend to get his halter on, but I hope to groom him with 1 arm and let him graze a bit. I will try anyway:) He would enjoy that time also:)

  3. I agree, time just FLIES...and I want to live to be over 100 too!! More horse play time ;)
    Kaspin is becoming a pro at the Parelli clinics--Laz was EXHAUSTED after our hour long ride yesterday...made me question how he's going to make it on 4/6 all day clinic, lol

    1. Your boy will be fine. There is lots of stand around time and nothing is super hard. In the afternoon you can go through the course and go as slow or fast as you want and take breaks when you want:) xoxoxo

  4. Happy Birthday!!!! I hear you on the time flying thing.... it sucks lol. :) Good luck with your surgery. I hope the healing time goes really quickly.