Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kaspin stock whip March 2013 video

Kaspin learning the stock whip last weekend and doing great at it! Kaspin is still a bit more nervous on his right side. I eventually want to ride with the stock whip and stand on Kaspin's back and crack the stock whip. This was only my 2nd session and I think Kaspin is taking to it pretty great! I ending up only using my right arm in this video, because I need surgery on my left shoulder April 17th for torn cartilage and a loose joint. Either way, I also plan to learn to crack the stock whip from both arms. It will be great therapy for my shoulder after my surgery!

Enjoy! Janine, brave Kaspin, and the late Enzo.


  1. That looks AWESOME! Kaspin seems pretty chill about the whole thing! :D

  2. Wow... that is loud. He looks so unconcerned. I can only imagine the other boarders if I used that..., so many of them get made when they see my "quiet" stick and string". ;P

    1. Yes, I love where I am at! No boarders, but me!! I love doing pretty much what I want, when I want. I will never leave this place if I don't have to. It's sooooo worth the no drama boarding:)