Sunday, March 10, 2013


Woo hooo, I had a great day yesterday at the MSU horse Expo. Lots of friends to met, things to buy, and clinicians to see. Meggie and Steve Andrews my Parelli trainers were giving demos all 3 days and had a booth this year. They also had a few other Parelli clinicians with them also! They did super with their demos and it's always great to see them playing with their personal horses!  I also wanted to see Double Dan horsemanship again and they of course did super again also. Plus, I was really hoping to see one of their horses again named Amelia. I sooo love Amelia and wish I could stick her in my pocket and walk out the door with her. She is just so athletic and floats on the air. She is just dreamy to watch and makes everything look soooo effortless and easy. I also love that she has a lovely sassy fun attitude to go with her athletics. Just a super fun horse to watch!! 

Here is one of my best friends in her booth. She travels around MI and brings the scary stuff to your horse! Check out her site. She is out of MI. I plan to take Kaspin to one of her courses held at another barn on April 6th. I cannot wait!! 

Here is my ever so dream 2 horse trailer with side walk out ramp. Brand new it is 10,500 not too bad actually. Maybe some day I can find a used one:) Either way, I am just in love with it. It is by Eclipse trailers.

 Side ramp to walk horse back out, once you arrived somewhere. The front is for storage or even a third horse if you really needed too!!

Left side picture.

Picture from side door to back of trailer.

The round pen demo with Dan James and Dan Steers. The lighting was so hard in this place even with my flash. Just too far away. 

Dan James and I after the round pen session. Yes, I sooo hate my hair dark. I sooo need to get highlights back, LOL!! 

Dan James playing with his horse in round pen demo.

 Main arena the Parelli group having fun!! 

Again, pictures were too hard. I only brought my really cheap point and shoot so I didn't have to carry by big camera. It's too slow and I was too far away for any decent pictures. 

This is Zelda the zhorse. You can follow her page here on facebook She is fun! 

 This was John Barr Parelli Professional. I was to take a 3 Day Parelli Clinic with him May 3rd to the 5th with Kaspin, but I need surgery on my left shoulder and cannot go now. I am soooo bummed!! I might try to go audit though? Anyway, I had to take one picture with John. I soooo forgot to get a picture of the Parelli booth, oh well. 

Zelda again hanging out with her owner. Who is an awesome photographer also by the way. 

Here is another best friend of mine and her booth. This is Holly with her focus equine booth. Check out her site at If you notice the left corner of this picture, there is a photo of beautiful Kaspin displayed on her table:) 

Here is beautiful Kaspin. I love you Kaspin!! 

Dan Steers in main arena at the evening show. 

And here is Shy's mom from the blog Adventures with Shyloh!! Go check out her fun blog with her lovely fun Haflinger Shyloh!! I was thrilled we got to meet in person, but terribly bummed we didn't have more time together! I am a loser, and I was having soooo much fun running around all day seeing and buying things. That I totally forgot to text her sooner in the day and meet. So by the time we met is was the end of the day and time to leave. We literally said HI, gave a hug, took a picture and it was all over. I really hope to meet Shy's mom again soon and hopefully we can actually talk next time.  Thanks lady!!!  

Kaspin will soooo hate me today. I have a cheap stock whip now and I feel like I am dislocating my right arm every time I try to get it to crack!! Well I finally decided to put down the real money and buy a really good quality stock with from Double Dan horsemanship. Thank god that it comes with a free dvd to teach me how to use the crazy thing. I don't need to take my eye out or Kaspin's eye out, LOL. I'll keep you posted and let you know how  it goes and what Kaspin thought of my new crazy idea!!

Keep it fun, Janine, Kaspin, and the late Enzo.


  1. Looks like fun! I hope I can go to an Expo someday. It looks like a blast. :D

    I sooo want that trailer too. I think I've seen it before and it's awesome. :)

    1. They're fun!! You would love it:)

      Yeah, I love this trailer. I can dream:)

  2. I am glad we did get to meet!

    You are friends with the Mobile Confidence course lady! Lucky! Me and my friend were just talking about possibly having her out. I think she came to the barn I used to lease at. Fun!
    And I am so very jealous of your photo with Dan. You got to touch him!!

    1. Yeah, you will soooooooooooooooo love the confidence course!!

      Yeah, believe me I didn't want to let go! He is sooo HOT, lol!!

  3. Oh that is a very nice trailer! How fun you and Allison met up!
    I hope to be at that 4/6 clinic too!! All depends if that trailer pick up work outs ($ wise and I want to know what kind of trailer she has)

    1. Yeah, I just wish we had more time!!

      I hope you go too!! xoxxo