Sunday, January 29, 2012

Parelli Montage video on 1/29/12

Sunday, I had Parelli fun with Kaspin my scared RBI. I put together a video of my day with the boys. Enzo did get the day off, but he makes a fast appearance. Otherwise Kaspin stole the show! You will also notice I go really slow with Kaspin. RBI are usually scared, timid, and non trusting. So I make sure I give Kaspin a big chance to understand what I am asking. And sometimes, like with the pedestal they need a little hand at first. It was the first time ever today that Kaspin was on a pedestal and jumped the barrels!!! I am so proud of you Kaspin!  
Hope you all had a super fun equine weekend! 
Janine~Enzo, and Kaspin~

Kaspin's first time ever meeting the alligator. I walk away always giving Kaspin confidence in the new scary object.


  1. Thanks for the videos again!

    I cannot get over how tall Kaspin is! He is like a giant compared to my little girl! Be sure is handsome though :)

  2. Wow I can definitely see the RBI in him! You did really well staying slow and steady for him. I enjoyed the videos. With the pedestal you did so awesome rewarding the "try". :D Interesting using the rope to help him up on the pedestal. I've see the rope method used to teach dangerous kickers to pick up hooves, but not to put them on things lol. Good thinking!

    One question regarding Enzo (being he's a LBI like Chrome). Since you aren't using treats what is his reward when you're working with him? With a horse like Kaspin I can see the release of pressure being a HUGE reward, but I don't see a LBI really caring much about the release of pressure. Just wondering what Enzo's motivation is.

    Also wanted to ask another question since I know nothing about Parelli. Why does he have you stand still while longeing? I'm used to turning with the horse, so I never understood that.

    Oh and before I forget. Cool alligator!! Chrome would have destroyed it in no time LOL! And I love when Kaspin grabbed it and you just dropped it lol. So funny! Also funny when you put his forelock in his halter (brilliant idea!) he looked at the alligator like "Oh that's what you look like! Why was I following that around?!" Hehehehe. Great videos!

  3. Thanks for putting up the videos - I really enjoyed watching Kaspin - especially with the alligator! What a hoot...I loved seeing that he had to lip it and use that modality to inspect the alligator!

    1. I love picture and videos! Thanks!!!

  4. The videos were awesome What a good boy, he really has a lot of try in him. Using the rope was such a good idea, and that alligator...Going to have to get one for Camryn someday :)