Sunday, January 15, 2012

Enzo is teething, LOL

My baby Enzo is teething at 2.5 yrs of age. How do I know???? Well the last 10 days, or so. Enzo has been having a runny butt. But his poops are normal. He eats all his food fine. No temp. But is drinking a lot more. My barn owner and I have been trying to figure it out. I thought it was Enzo's new chia seeds. They can make horses drink more and then I thought it might give him the runny butt. I took him of of the chia seeds but that still didn't help. I called my first vet and he wasn't too concerned. So we watched some more. Last weekend and this weekend. I noticed Enzo was having even more of a hard time with larger horse cookies eating them. Enzo does have an under bite. So this is normal for him, but it seemed worse. I figured ok, Enzo probably needs his teeth done again. Since it's been past 6 months and Enzo gets them done every 6 months, due to his under bite needing corrections. I also noticed Enzo has his tongue out of his mouth a lot more lately. Enzo normally plays with his tongue, but again he was doing it more. So yesterday I put a call into my good friend and Enzo's horse dentist. To see if he had any input?? He used to be a horse vet also before he specialized into horse dentistry. Anyway, 1 minute after talking to him. He said, I know exactly what is wrong with Enzo!!! It was that he was loosing his caps on his back molars. Now his teeth in back are all messed up and Enzo is having a hard time grinding up his food. He said, Enzo is swallowing his hay in larger pieces and then the larger pieces do not absorb the water in his gut. Thus leaving Enzo with the runny butt, LOL. It all made sense now and explained all the funny faces Enzo has been making lately. My friend also told me to get Enzo hay pellets, or hay replacer for now. That will be easy for Enzo to take in and if he doesn't chew it? They are still small pieces of hay and that hay that will absorb more water and the runny butt should go away. And since I was on the phone with my horse dentist friend we already set up Enzo's next dentist appointment. Since Enzo is over due at least 3 months. But I feel so much better knowing what is going on. My poor Enzo, LOL!

Keep it natural, Janine and Enzo!


  1. Aww Enzo! I'm glad it wasn't anything bad. Chrome is two and a half as well so I wonder if he's teething. I really need to get his done, but I'm having trouble getting something scheduled with the dentist. It's getting so frustrating. I might give up and go with the vet, but I worry since they don't specialize that they won't do as good of a job. We shall see I guess.

  2. You know after you mentioned that I asked Chrome to smile today and I can see him losing a cap on one of his teeth. :) Gonna have to call the dentist again and see if we can work something out.

  3. In response to your comment on my racehorse post, that's horrible!! Did they ever say what happened to the poor horse? I don't blame you for never wanting to go back after that happened.