Friday, January 6, 2012


So sorry Enzo, Kaspin and I have been so quiet lately. Not the horses fault at all. But their mom(me) hasn't been running around as much lately! I had my 2nd hip surgery on my right hip done Dec 17th. I need to stay quiet for 4 weeks after that. Then, I get to start physical therapy again to strengthen my hip joints. Since both my hips are bad from a congenital problem and both hips have arthritis in them. I had my left hip surgery in June, 2011 also. Both of these surgeries are to buy me time(since I am so young). Until the day I need hip replacements( I hope I get 10 more years out of these old joints). But so far I am doing great and I am happy with the new time! My surgeon even had to deal with torn cartilage, torn ligaments, bone spurs, and re-shaping the femur bones on both hips. But I thank my surgeon every day and he took great care of me at each surgery! It feels so great to no longer have lower back pain after 20 years! Nobody found my problem in all those years. Plus, I kind of gave up. Since nobody could help. Then in the last year. Both my hips started to always hurt. So I went a found an orthopedic surgeon and he said, it was my hips all along causing my lower back pain! Either way, I feel sooooo much better now:)

Then also Dec 13th, 2011. I started to have really bad gut pains. I have had this issue in the past with my gall bladder and you guessed it. My gall bladder is acting up again! So now I had to go and get a hida scan done (Jan 3rd 2012). You can always google hida scan, if your so inclined?? But it tells the doctors how well, or NOT so well my gall bladder is working? So who knows?? Now I might need gall bladder surgery! I have not gotten results yet?? But if it's not my gall bladder?? Then it has to be something? Since my billirubin and ALT, a liver enzyme are slightly elevated. So as you can see I have been a little bit of a medical mess lately. Thus the non-exciting horse blogging.

But don't worry, both boys are enjoying there vacation of playing all day and eating too much hay! I do plan to visit them tomorrow!! With a huge bag of carrots. I am sure they will be gone in NO time, yumm!!! Lots of love, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!


  1. It all sounds painful and awful! I wish you luck and speedy recovery!

  2. Awhh, you're soo sweet, thanks so much!!!!

  3. So exciting about the no back pain!! That's so awesome! I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's a long, long time before you have to have replacement surgery. :)

    Sorry you're having gut problems. I had what I thought were problems with my gallbladder, but blood work was normal and ultrasound showed it looked normal. We think it's diet related now. I may have IBS and the pain was simply severe gas pains. Luckily it can all be controlled fairly well through diet. I hope you don't have to have yours removed. Keep us updated pretty please!