Saturday, January 21, 2012

Enzo's teeth issue:)

Well, I checked on Enzo a few times this week. The hay pellets are definitely helping Enzo! But his butt still is not 100%. It's now at a slow leak, LOL. Otherwise, Enzo's attitude did perk up after I started the pellets. The slow leak is much better. Before, Enzo's tail, butt cheeks, and hocks were a mess. But now Enzo just has a little irritation between his butt cheeks from the leak. But his poop is still formed and looks great! The barn owner had noticed his poops are not so heavy now with water either. So the pellets really are helping! But I still put a call into my equine dentist/vet today. I noticed that when Enzo eats the pellets. It sounds like he is eating a slurpie! That not right. Poor Enzo he really is having a hard time eating. Plus I am afraid Enzo will be super fat by spring? Enzo is now getting 1 scoop about 5 cups, two times a day of extra hay pellets. Plus his regular hay. But then again, he cannot eat his regular hay that fast. So maybe the other horses are finishing the hay Enzo cannot eat in time?? Either way, I don't want my Enzo fat. And these 40# hay pellet bags are $14.50 each and the vet wants him on it as long as his teeth are loosing caps. At least a month! So my dentist friend told me that it definitely looks like they have to get out there sooner than later! So I am glad and hope sooner come soon for poor Enzo. My Vet/dentist friend also thinks that Probios will help Enzo for now also. I picked some up tonight and will start Enzo on it tomorrow. 

Other than that, I didn't get to play with my kids today. I got my hair done(went back to my original hair color of brown) and it took a really long time. And by the time I got to the barn, it then was time for all the horses to get hay! I hate pulling my kids away from their hay. Especially, in the winter when they need their hay to stay warm. So I just checked on Enzo and Kaspin today and let them enjoy their hay:) I'll go out again tomorrow and I plan to play with both of them! I am looking forward to it!   
My Sarah Pahlin look alike picture, LOL
Keep it savvy and have a super weekend with your equine partners!! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!


  1. you look very cute with your new hairstyle!! i was thinking about going back to my boring dark blond as well but then i don´t know. it would just be so much easier i guess.. we will see! have a wonderful sunday hun!

  2. Your hair looks great! I like it brown. :)

    Poor Enzo. I bet the probiotics will help a lot. Chrome sounds like he's eating a slurpy too, so I bet he's going through the same thing as Enzo (in fact I can see one of the caps on a front tooth coming out). Luckily he isn't having problems with his poop though. I hope he loses his caps soon and feels better.