Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mental relaxation with Enzo! He blew out!

YES!!!! I finally got the mental relaxation I was looking for in Enzo Wednesday evening inside the indoor arena!!!! Wooo hoooo! What that means...Enzo blew out 2 times. As I mentioned in my prior blog post. Enzo hardly ever does this and I have only now seen it 4 times in his life, that I have owned him the 1.5 years. 2 times now in the indoor arena and 2 times outside of the arena. This past Wednesday I was just working on liberty and on line Parelli games. I asked Enzo to do 2 spins on the ground at liberty going both ways. I drove Enzo from zone 3 on line. And played the Parelli squeeze game over a jump and the Parelli figure 8 at a trot on line. When I went back to the driving game from zone 3 on line that is when I got the 2 blows out from Enzo! I was sooooooooooooooo absolutely elated!!! I really hope I can get this more from Enzo in the future. I plan to go Parelli play with Enzo again today. I would like to work on  quality of laps on the Parelli circle game today and of course other odds and ends of Parelli games for variety.

With Kaspin I would like to start the GOC(Game of Contact) simulations on the ground. Once I am on Kaspin today. I would like to work on Parelli circle game while riding and see how that goes? Since this will be new for both of us. 

Have a super fun equine weekend and keep it natural, Janine 


  1. That's awesome! Congrats!

    I sometimes wonder if the sigh can be sort of a huff. Today I was messing with Chrome and he kept crowding into my space so I make him back up. He backed up and as soon as I relaxed he gave a big sigh/blow. It was so funny because the timing made it sound like he was huffing at me. It was probably just a sigh of resignation though since he realized he couldn't crowd me lol. Who knows what goes through their heads hehe.