Monday, May 20, 2013


We were blessed here in MI with the BEST weekend weather this past weekend! I sooo wish it could be like this everyday! So of course, bath time for Kaspin! Yes, his 1st bath of the year. For me with my bad shoulder it was like washing a huge truck, but I made it though and iced my shoulder when I got home. 

Kaspin looking amused, lol.

 Love my ez-all sprayer.
 Sooo many suds!! I also pulled out the BLUE shampoo to clean out all his stains in mane and tail. I have never done this before, but I soon learned it was worth it. I also used conditioner afterwards in his mane and tail as well and that too was totally worth the extra time it all took. 
Afterwards, I went to front arena to work Kaspin a bit. 1, to get him drier and 2, just for some exercise.  We worked on traveling circles, falling leaf, yo yo, sideways, and canter. Afterwards, I also gave Kaspin some grass of course and more time to dry in the sun. I was trying to get Kaspin all dry so he wouldn't roll in the dirt in his pasture later. 
 Then I noticed how white his mane was getting as it dried in the sun. Sad to say, but I never took the extra step in 2 years to wash Kaspin's mane with blue shampoo and really get his mane so clean. In all the time that I have owned Kaspin, I have never seen his mane this white! How cool!! 
 And look how awesome his tail came out. Still drying picture in outdoor arena.
 Wet mane still drying.
 Then we went for a walk down the driveway and road to dry some more. A stop and a look at the front gates..
 More looking, LOL. 

 My halter must have slipped down, oh well. 
 Heading the way back to the barn so I can brush out that mane and tail. Glad I put in the conditioner! It really helped!! 
 Wow, I really couldn't believe how pretty the results were!! Too bad we were not going to a show or anything! 
 The left side of neck after I brushed it. 
 For the mane envy people. Anytime you want to come out and bathe and brush Kaspin  for 2 hours, let me know! Plus, you can cry every time I clean out a brush full of hair (like this photo). This is not me ripping it out. It's already broken hairs from Kaspin rubbing on trees and such outside scratching himself, LOL. Nothing I can do to stop it. I think I got about 3 brushes like this that day.
 Wow, tail so fluffy!
 Back with the herd and Kaspin never rolled, since he was all dry. Good boy Kaspin!!! 
 One more picture of how clean he was. 
 Kaspin new fly mask. 
 Mane so clean!!
 Kaspin name is engraved in purple, but hard to see in this photo. 
 Sorry I took so many pictures, but I knew it wouldn't last long of how clean Kaspin was! 
 So I had to get proof. 
The very clean Kaspin, healing J9, and the late Enzo. 


  1. Wow, he looks amazing. I do have mane envy as Camryn didn't get the long mane gene. But, I make do with her lovely tail. Just wondering if you're surgeon reads your blog? Hope not ;)

    1. LOL, as busy as my surgeon is, I can guarantee he isn't reading lol. BUT, I honestly have to say. I didn't think washing Kaspin was going to be sooooooooooo much work really. But not having the strength in my left arm sure doesn't help things go any faster. I am allowed to do things with my left arm now. I just cannot lift, push, or pull heavy things. I didn't do that with the bath, so that is good:) I only had to ice, because my shoulder is so weak right now. That a little exercise is pushing it over the edge right now. I start therapy today, yeahhhh. I cannot wait to hear what they have to say to me:) Thanks for the kind words of Kaspin's clean look and give Camryn a big hug for me!!

  2. He looks so good! I love the blue shampoo, works wonders with Shy!

    1. Yeah, 1st time I ever used blue and it was awesome:) Congrats on your show again!!

  3. He looks SO great!! Very impressed :).

    1. I was just as impressed, LOL. Give your a girl a hug for me:)

  4. wow he is sparkling clean! I bathed Laz too :) Great weekend for it.

    1. Yeah, I didn't realize he could get so clean, LOL. Yes, beautiful weekend!! xox

  5. Wow he's gorgeous!!! And you didn't take too many pictures lol. What an amazing difference the blue shampoo makes! I'll definitely have to use that on Chrome when he turns gray. :)