Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fun Parelli lesson with Steve and Kaspin!

Steve Andrews my Parlli Professional was out again last night to play with Kaspin again and I was able to be there and watch. So I got a few pictures of course! They played with circle, canter on the circle, figure 8, and no pulling on the halter from Kaspin. Kaspin has a bad habit of pulling on the halter at times. I will play with all of this once my shoulder is able to again. I am just happy I have Steve to help me with Kaspin while I heal for now.  

Steve and Kaspin hanging out.
 Figure 8.
 Figure 8.
 Backing with a soft feel.
 Playing with "no pulling Kaspin":)
Keep it fun, Kaspin, J9, and the late Enzo.


  1. Awesome photos. In the figure 8 is Kaspin sent around the cones as dogs would be with weave poles?

    1. Yeah, I guess so. Just 2 poles(cones) and back and forth like an 8, LOL:) Thanks!