Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful for......

As you would suspect I am still really missing Enzo! Perfect picture is my thumb below. Why am I going to miss my ugly bruised thumb? Well of course, it was one of the last times Enzo bit me by accident  I will never have a thumb like this from Enzo again. I almost wish it wouldn't grow out:(

 This is the perfect picture below to show you what Enzo did with his mouth all the time. As a Left Brain Extrovert they like to feel everything by mouth and Enzo always did this. He ate and tried to eat anything! Including rocks off the driveway, if I stood to long to talk to someone. One day I took my glove off to do something and placed it on the barn floor in front of Enzo. Yeah I know stupid me. I turned around and there is Enzo chewing on my glove like it was chewing gum! I jammed my arm down his throat trying to retrieve it, but as you guessed it Enzo hurried and swallowed it. Lucky for me it was a cheap dollar store glove, so it was really small. I knew Enzo would pass it, but after that day I knew not to leave my gloves laying around. I will miss that funny investigating mouth of his!
But I am still thankful for the awesome life I have, the family, friends, love, job, home, everything, and of course I am very thankful for my lovely Haflinger Kaspin. Without Kaspin I am sure I would be even more a wreck! Kaspin has that horse warmth to hold and hug. And of course, Kaspin has that awesome horse smell! He too makes me smile and just spending grooming time with him is calming and feels good to both of us. I look forward to our journey together. We both hope all of you have thankful thoughts on Thanksgiving and that it is safe and Happy!

Janine, Kaspin, and never forgotten Enzo!


  1. With Kaspin you'll always have memories of Enzo as well. I think/I hope.

  2. I am so sorry. I missed your post about Enzo as I was out of town. My heart aches for you and for the loss both you and Kaspin may feel. May all of the pictures you have, yes, and even the bruised finger nail, bring warm memories to your heart forever.

    1. Awh, thanks so much for the kind words.

  3. thinking of you often my dear savvy sister and missing you! 5 days off now so i will email you....

  4. I miss Enzo too. I remember when I first found your blog and I was sooooo excited because it was the first Friesian blog I'd ever found. I'm so sorry he's gone, but I am glad you have Kaspin.

    Thank you for reminding me that there are always things to be thankful for (like Chrome) because I've been feeling really down and resentful that my vacation and holiday got ruined by the stomach flu. Now I'll focus on the happy things I'm thankful for. :) Happy Thanksgiving!