Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Early horse Christmas! Merry Christmas Kaspin!

Ok, I am bad!!! Kaspin already basically got his Christmas goodies from me! 

Here is his nice new sheet for only the really cold, rainy, windy, rough days! 

Kaspin normally ground ties, but he was too curious in my camera!!! Thus the moving pics!

Kaspin got Stud muffins and he loves them. Kaspin is really picky what he eats!!

He got this cool salt block hanging on a rope!  I had tried others and this one Kaspin does use!! Yeah!!
There are 2 more things I heard Santa is bringing For Kaspin yet. We will post later! I hope your equines get some cool things as well!! I am sure they will and please share with me!!! 

Keep it natural, Happy Kaspin, and at piece Enzo


  1. What a good mom! Sonny will probably get a kiss and a few treats ;).

  2. Shy loves loves loves Stud Muffins!!
    What a lucky haffie he is :) He looks so cute in the sheet!

  3. Kaspin looks so handsome in his new sheet. Lucky boy. Poor Camryn, my oven died a few days ago so we've had to re-prioritize. Candycanes will be her only gift this year SIGH

    1. Candycanes and lots of LOVE from you! The best!

  4. Pippin and Doc loved the hanging Himalayan salt. It was funny to be in the barn and hear them using the salt.
    I love your header shot! It's perfect!

  5. I can't believe it's been so long since I read your blog! Sorry! I've been so busy.... Kaspin is soooo handsome. I like his new sheet. :D I don't even remember what Chrome got for Christmas.... Anyway belated Merry Christmas!!!