Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Parelli Fun Day at my barn 12/2/12 Video:)

Kim and her horse Shadow came to my barn again the following weekend so we could play Parelli games together! I hope you enjoy! How is Kaspin looking to you? 

Love, Janine, Kaspin, and us missing energy of Enzo


  1. Kaspin did awesome. Loved how he was licking/chewing as he backed over the pole. I bet he's loving his Mommy & Me time :)

    1. Yeah, Kaspin hates to back up to anything, or over anything! What you hadn't seen in the long video is for now I have to have Kaspin go around first and walk over first and build his confidence. Then I can get him to back over it. One day Kaspin will see it as no problem at all. So that is for all the licking and chewing you saw as he processed it all in his brain. As you see my friend Kim was doing sideways over a pole with Shadow, since she was more advanced than us. Thanks!!!

  2. aww how fun!! Wish I play too (if only we had a trailer) Kaspin is doing so so so great in your hands :)