Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kaspin RBI? Not LBI.

So last week I rode Kaspin in a halter again for the first time since I bought him(he normally drags/hangs hard on a halter and won't listen at all. That's why I put him in the Parelli cradle bridle for a while). But Kaspin did super well in the halter last week!! I was sooo happy with that. He still isn't that soft on the Parelli porcupine game with his nose. So I am going to really work on that. And now that winter is here and I will be mostly indoors with him and doors shut. I will continue to practice with the halter on. Kaspin should be super by spring for sure. I am OK!!! But I did fall off of Kaspin last week. It was actually a bit funny. He spooked and bolted forward about 4 to 5 steps. But enough for me to loose balance and I just couldn't say on. I fell on my right hip. But actually both my hips feel fine now. Anyway, we have raccoons that come out of the walls in the indoor arena at night and hang on the rafters in the arena and watch us ride. Kaspin has not seen them as of yet! But he did last week and took off! After I fell off, Kaspin turned around and came back to me and looked at me on the ground. Like what are you doing down there(I love horses that don't leave you). I got up and told him..... don't you know I cannot fall of off horses kaspin(I have bad hips)! Like he would know, right!!! Anyway, I took him over to the mounting block and got back on. He was fine and we ended the night fine. Enzo has already seen the raccoons many times and just thinks they are interesting and even likes to watch them. But this was the first evening since it got dark early that Kaspin got to meet one last night. Since the raccoons come out at dark of course. Since then, Kaspin has been all freaked out in the arena even in the daylight. When my friend watched him last weekend. Kaspin basically bolted 3 more times in the arena with me on him(I stayed on these times). Kaspin hears any noise in the arena and thinks it's the raccoons coming out!!! My friend said, it seems he is scared from zone 5. Ahh haaa, the last owner sold him for bucked her off!! Makes sense now. Kaspin is super timid and super un-confident and not brave at all. I am really thinking Kaspin is a Right Brain Introvert!!! Instead of a Left Brain Introvert, which I thought at first. So my new plans are getting Kaspin more confident and trusting me more. I took my friends advice and decided to test out the zone 5 thing. I decided to take a Pareli carrot stick with a bag on the end. Kaspin thought I had pulled out the boggy man!!! Wow, what a different horse! Eventually, with approach and retreat I made it to the back legs. WOW, was my freind correct! Kaspin bucked like there was no tomorrow at the carrot stick and bag! So I do have my work cut out for me!! I am not going to ride Kaspin anymore until I can get this fixed in our relationship. I don't need more falls and Kaspin can buck sooo high, when he is scared! And I know I won't stay on, since Kaspin is all freaked out in the arena right now. I better stay safe and stay on the ground on line. But I am very interested in learning Kaspins right brain!!! How interesting!!! Keep it savvy!! Janine and Kaspin!!!


  1. That was the first thing I thought when you said you fell. Which hip and are you okay lol. I'm glad you're okay.

    Have you thought of leaving Kaspin in the area at night for a few nights until he learned that the raccoons won't hurt him? I would think if he spent a few nights in there that he would learn the arena is a safe place. Obviously since you board that's up to the barn owner, but it's a thought.

    I'm sure you can totally work through this with him. You have all winter to work on it. :) Be safe!

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I was ok:) Yeah, my boarding lady is super anal and really CLEAN. She would freak with Kaspin spending a night or 2 in the areana, LOL! He would have poop and hay everywhere, LOL. It's ok though. I plan to go out more during the week nights and I will see the raccoons some more!!! During the week I go at night and weekends I go early in the day. Of course, raccoons sleep during the day. So the week nights will help. I am also going to work on all my scary things with Kaspin. To show Kaspin things can happend and he will live! Plus, it should make Kaspin feel like he can trust me when scary situations arise. I played with the stick and bag, with wind sock tied to stick this weekend and Kaspin was much better. Not 100% yet, but much better! I just need to constantly work on his confidence. kaspin is very timid and even more so when he is away from his herd. Plus, I don' think past owners did much with Kaspin. Have a great day!!

  3. Sounds like you have a great plan!

    Regarding your comment on Chrome's blog, I haven't found a camera for $10. I wish I could lol because I would totally buy one. I mentioned wanting one in the post, but that's not what I was asking about. Sorry for the confusion.

    I was asking about head bumpers for horses. Like this Some of them are actually as cheap as $6 but I don't know if it would hold up long or if they are made of cheap materials. I had a horse one time that hit her head in the trailer so it's one of those things that makes me a little paranoid so I would like to get one for Chrome. I just don't know what kind to get.

    I'll keep practicing with Chrome. I worry about him getting too hot in the summer so I'll practice all winter and spring. About how long did it take Enzo to get comfortable? Thanks for the comment!

  4. Opps, my confusion, LOL. I think as long as they are thick enough? Maybe a leather head bumper? It should do the trick just fine. I would say it took Enzo a good year and a half, not everyday of course! I, like you, don't have tons of time. So you fit trailer loading in when you can in life. They all don't have to be trips down the road either. Like your friend mentioned get him super comfortable with going on and off the trailer. Staying on the trailer longer times even if doesn't move. Maybe even having him stay in there and eating hay only and come off later. If he doesn't eat hay, he is still really worried. It took Enzo a long time to eat on the trailer! I'll even get to the barn and load Enzo with hay and go do other chores! Then later I come back and unload Enzo. Never unload if they are kicking. It will teach them to kick and have the door opened. Eating hay in the trailer works best when there is NO grass out in their pastures. Otherwise, they don't care of the hay anyway. Enzo still gets nervouse on long trips though. Remember my one blog post Enzo went on a trailer ride with a buddie for over an hour(longest ride) and Enzo pooped his guts out!!!!!! But Enzo still ate hay on the trailer and wasn't sweating. And Enzo did get back on trailer to come home easily. But he pooped a ton again on the way back. I expect horses to poop of course! But this was TONS of poop!!!! Showing me he was worried!!! I think I now need to drive longer trips, but that gets expensive!!!! But I will do my best again this spring/summer/fall. Good luck and have fun!!!

  5. Sounds great. I do remember the post I just didn't remember the details. Thanks for taking the time to explain it all for me again. :)

    Chrome poops on the trailer too (usually two or three times). I just worry about the sweating. The pooping doesn't really bother me. Good luck with your long distance driving. I totally understand how expensive that gets.