Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Janine,Enzo, Parelli Audition.

I have been busy, busy, busy! Just not enough hours in a day. Here is my latest video for my Parelli on line test, Level 2, with Enzo. Things I showed were Parelli figure 8, circle game, sideways game, weave, jump, trot horse behind you and stop, massage all 4 legs, extreme friendly game, and put front feet on pedestal. I need to send it in and will try to get to it this week. But this was taped this past weekend. Sorry so short, back to work! Janine and Enzo!


  1. Also! I love how he mimicks your trotting when u ask for it. SO sweet! I also noticed when working by the cones (extreme friendly game was it?) that he did a lot of chomping. Is that all him processing it in his young brain? He's come SO far!!! I like the tail pulling to back him up..where does that fall in the 'games?'

  2. Thanks. Enzo was licking a chewing a lot. Because in a way this was all new to him. I have never set up a course like this and done so many games at once. It actually wasn't about the extreme friendly game that made him lick. Enzo is really confident with that game as you see and that was why he was yawning so much then. Enzo got to stand still and just process the whole course. His little brain was on over drive, LOL. But he did really great and I was proud of him for his first time doing that, LOL. It also made me realize I need to do courses more often. Backing from the tail is Parelli Porcupine game. You can use it also to get horses off of a trailer. I love it! I didn't have to show it on my tape. But I thought I had to back Enzo to get into the taping view better, LOL. This was the type of yawning and licking Enzo did like crazy when I took him to that Parelli Play day that one day. It also blew Enzo's mind, LOL. Thanks again!!

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