Sunday, November 27, 2011

2 awesome black horses video

Friends are so great to have and Parelli friends are even more awesome.! Yesterday my friend Kim and her Tennessee Walker came over to my barn and we had our own Parelli fun day! Lucky for us, I also had my video taper and got some fun of us playing yesterday. I combined some parts and made a small video to share with all. We played on many things, but this video shows us playing the Parelli circle game, Parelli squeeze game over barrels, and Parelli yo yo over a pole on the ground. We really enjoyed to see the 2 horses working together. They are both Left Brain Introverts on the cusp of being Left Brain Extroverts. You would think they both came from the same mother, since they both act soooo much the same!! Have a Savvy day and enjoy! Janine and Enzo!


  1. That was so awesome seeing the two "twins" work so well together. Loved the teamwork you and your friend did exhanging ropes while circling.

  2. Too cool! That looked like a lot of fun. I love how you passed the horses around the circle. So cool. I love watching videos of you working with Enzo. The TWH was cute too.