Thursday, September 8, 2011

Photonic Red Light Torch (Enzo)

I got a used phononic red light torch to help with any aliments on my horses. Currently I want to use it on all their feet and Kaspin seems to have issues with his stifles? Probably from his feet! I found out Kaspin has really flat feet/soles, because he has an impossible time crossing over any rocks. I currently switched to a natural equine podiatrist to do their feet. Which she is doing an awesome job and Kaspin already walks MUCH better! She learns from this school, if you want to check it out . I just ordered their book and DVD set! I am sooooooooooooo tired of knowing nothing about horse feet! So far the book is amazing! Also, Kaspin is on a major diet now!!!! He is at least 100 hundred pounds over weight and this will help his feet and stifles also!!! Anyway, I try to stay as natural as I can when it comes to treating my horses(homeopathic meds, natural fly sprays, natural ointments, shoo tags, etc). That is why I purchased a torch. You can check out this site of how a photonic red light torch works, if you like It can also be used on small pets and humans as well! So I am giving it a try as well! Since I have genetic hip issues and I have already had a left hip surgery this year. I'll keep you posted!
Keep it natural~Janine,Enzo and Kaspin!


  1. How interesting! I've never heard of anything like that but I'm definitely going to do more research! I love natural stuff too.

    I suspect some stifle issues with Grayson as well...more slipping than locking. He also has flat feet too!

    And like you, I'm sick of knowing nothing about horse feet. I've done tons of reading on all sorts of horse topics (I love nutrition!) but unfortunately haven't spent much time with feet! That's the best thing about horses though...there's always something else to learn!

    Thanks for sharing your torch video! :)

  2. No problem! Yeah, Kaspin's seem to be slipping and pooping when he only moves slightly(NOT LOCKING). You don't hear, or see anything when he trots, etc. I am not calling any vet yet. Because I do think it's his feet issue and when I get them back in shape. Then, I can re-think the situation. Plus, he is no pain of course. And I forgot to mention...but Kaspin is at least 100 hundred pounds over wieght! He is currently on a diet and that will help his stifles as well!! Thanks for reading!!! I'll keep you posted!!!

  3. Ha ha yes! The hundred pounds doesn't help :) I've read that a lot of trotting helps!

    Hey, completely off subject but I figured I'd comment to ask instead of emailing you.

    What do you feed your boys? I'm guessing different for Kaspin and Enzo? I know you're typically a more natural person and I know you have a lot of experience for feeding in the cold weather. Grayson's at an awesome weight right now. He's pretty much just getting grass and the minimum Enrich 32. I always thought he was a hard keeper but apparently not with the grass. Anyhow, I want to avoid some weight loss this winter without feeding mega grain. I've been thinking about whole oats although I know they aren't completely balanced. I'll probably embrace veggie oil full time this winter too.

    Have you thought about what you're going to feed once you move down here?

    Thanks Janine!

  4. I am at a boarding barn and already pay $325.00 a horse. If I want my own grain I have to buy it extra. So I use what they offer. Which is Purina safe choice. Both my boys even in cold weather are good keepers. My boarder has lots of grass in warmer months and here in MI the grass is super rich almost always. Which makes my boys fat fast. In winter she feeds only grass hay and plenty off it. Probably too much, because my boarder like to feed. But usually it works out since we have pure ice and snow for months on end and I mostly don't blanket my guys. I let them use their hair coat naturally and if they get too much hay. They burn it off anyway staying warm. So winter is usually not an issue for me.(I do blanket if it's scary cold though, more for me then them though, LOL)

    Now when I get to NC, I probably will have to muzzle Kaspin on grass. I have 17 acres and at least 10 acres is all grass! EEKK. Enzo might be able to handle it? Since he is a bit more of an extrverted horse and runs around more like a TB. kaspin is super lazy(intoverted) and hates to moves his feet. Thus the muzzle. If it gets really bad on grass? I might make make them a dry lot and turn them out on grass only certain hours of the day???? I'll have to see once we get ajusted there.

    When my boys get the Purina safe choice they are only getting little amounts(like handfuls), because again they really don't work hard at all and don't need it. I supplement with Micro-phase. It's for horses who don't get there vitamins from their regular feed everyday. Since they are not eating enough of it. They both get it once a day.

    Once I move to NC. They won't get any grain at all. Just micro-phase once a day and thier joint supplements. I'll have plenty of grass and hay otherwsie for them through the year. If they might need grain?? I'll make that decision later. Since I am not sure as of yet? But something low starch and low sugar. Since again my boys don't need the starch and sugar.

    Sooo as of weigh gain(since I really don't need it)I have heard if horses get enough hay their is no reason to give them even more grain. And of course hay has to be increased in winter months. BUT, it makes it super hard when we board with a heard of horses(hard to regulate flakes to one horse). So I am not really sure what to say to you on adding what kind of grain??? I usually give Enzo cocasoya oil as well in the winter to help him out also. But Kaspin none, since again he gains weight looking at food, LOL.

    I am sorry I don't have more per say on weight gain. I would just stay with something that helps callorie counts for winter, but not more sugar. Since sugar is bad and horses don't need the extra hyper energy from the sugar.

    Good luck! Janine

  5. I'll have hay in NC, because we are going to keep at least 3 acres for our own hay. We just cut it and stored 150 bales for winter. It makes a difference when I can manage my own hay feedings in winter. Meaning on the days it really dips down in NC, I can give more hay and 40 degree days I can go back to less. Again hay feedings are harder in a heard aspect, than if they can be in your own backyard. So my thoughts are too give them enough hay in the winter when I am in NC to maitain their weights without added grain. Thus, the micro-phase daily. Ok, I keep rambling. I hope this helped, LOL.

  6. ha ha! You definitely helped! After talking to the barn owner, he provides free choice hay in the winter. Glad to hear that...I love free choice. This was the first summer that Grayson was on pasture and it makes for such a happy horse.

    I've never had to deal with a pudgy horse so this is a new experience for me. I think I'm going to pull him off Enrich 32 and possibly do something more natural like oats (I think I mentioned that before). It's something I can easily increase or decrease if needed and it's mega natural. From what I'm reading, forages and more fibrous grains work well for producing heat in the winter because of how it's digested.

    I'll add some sort of general vit/mineral supplement to balance the oats. I requested more information about that Micro-Phase.

    Anyhow, now I'm rambling! Thanks for your input, I appreciate it a ton!

    Oh Kaspin...the little (big?) air fern! I know a Paint like that...poor guy is obese and gets no grain...just coastal hay.

  7. Yeah, it sounds like you're on a super path and yes horses love the fresh air and grass. It will be weird for me to get used to this dormant brown grass in NC for the winters. But that's when the hay will come in. Yeah free choice hay for colder months is good. That is pretty much what my barn owner does also. That's why I am worried Kaspin might also get too much??? But again this will be my first winter here with him, so I will just have to watch him. But my vet friend and my natural horse trimmer really said, I need to keep his weight down for all kinds of medical issues and I want Kaspin for a long time! So I am going to do my best. As you know I am still healing from my surgery so I am kind of limited on how much I can excersise him:( I am trying to find a share boarder. but so far no luck:( Unfortunately, due to my medical issues, we are not really ready in NC, and winter is coming in MI(hard to get horses on the road once snow hits here). It now looks like I will have to move next spring to NC!! I am bummed, but it all gives us a bit more time to ge things organized. Good emailing with you and have a super weekend!!!!!!

  8. That's interesting. I've never heard of it. I glanced at the website, but I'll have to go back and read more later. I notice in the video it looks like Enzo's mane grows thicker up top and thinner toward his withers. Chrome is just like that! I think it's from playing rough because they bite each other around the wither area. :)

    On the very interesting feeding discussion you two are having, I like Enrich 32 for Chrome because he's growing, but I think it's too much for Faran. Since we can't get Enrich 12 here I think I'm going to pull him off of it and put him on a vitamin/mineral supplement.

    Last winter for Chrome I was feeding shredded beet pulp because I had limited access to hay, but out on the lease land this year with hay I don't think it's going to be needed. :) If either does need some sort of supplement for weight loss in the winter I'll probably use oats again because it worked well last year.

    It sounds like your NC property is going to be fantastic! I want to cut our own hay on the lease land, but it's going to take a while to get it into a good condition for it. We've been seeding it this past week so that should help. :)