Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friesian Keuring Ionia MI 2011

You cannot tell I love horses in this picture! I got to go with my friend last minute to a Friesian Keuring in Ionia MI today. She has this beautiful Filly that needed to go and her other friend had to cancel at the last minute. So I guess, it was meant for me to go today, yeahh. Her filly MOXIE, got 1st Premie and Reserve Champion!!! I was so excited and I had a super fun day! This friend is the same friend that bred and sold me Enzo by Mintse 384! Mintse babies did great at the keuring today! 1 colt Champion, 1 colt Reserve Champion and 1 filly Champion all by Mintse!!! That is awesome!!! P.S. This filly will be HUGE. She is 4 months old in this picture!!!!! And is already 13 hands and looks like a yearling, NUTS!!!!!!
Isabella Mare and Moxie 1st Premie and Reserve Champion!!!!

The little blonde filly by Mintse 384 that received Filly Champion and beat my friends filly. I had to show you how blonde this baby was! I thought Enzo bleached out! I won't complain again, LOL!!

Still very cute!

She won Champion, because she really picked up her legs and threw them out! Making it a super stride that they look for in the Friesian breed.

Moxie sooo cute!!!

Isabella and Moxie!

Moxie! You cannot tell I love photography!!!

Both looking great!!!

Wearing the ohhhh sooooo pretty Reserve Champ ribbon!!!!

What a super day! I will sleep great tonight!!! Janine


  1. I wish I could go to a keuring! So much fun.

    They are all so beautiful. I hope Moxie inherits her mom's mane. Wow. I bet you had so much fun. :D

    Oh and thanks for the website link. I've seen some of Shawna's videos on Youtube, but I've never seen the website. I might have to sign up for the free videos. I like how she has it laid out in order. Thanks!

  2. Yeah, the keurings are fun! Yeah, she should be hairy. Her father has even more mane!

    I thought you would enjoy it:)