Monday, September 12, 2011

Enzo's 5th Parelli ride in his life:)

Hello!! So after my last surgery re-check appointment Sept 8th. I got the all OK to go ride again. So I rode both boys today! Kaspin video will be posted another time. Ok, for you non-Parelli people out there this riding might look a little bit different. You exaggerate to teach! That is why you see my legs move around so much and I point my arms in the direction I would like to go. But hey, I don't like to toot my own horn! But this is my second baby I made partners with and not once did either of my horses buck, when they were introduced to a bareback pad, treeless saddle, or me!!! I think that is pretty outstanding and I am pretty proud of Enzo also!!! This video is a bit slow, since we of course are taking our time and making it another great experience about me being on his back. I also teach my horses to be mounted from both sides(In case you were wondering).Enzo also uses his teeth to play with my shoes, laces, pants, and anything else he can get into his mouth. So you will see me pointing my leg forward just so Enzo cannot reach it that well. Other than that, I don't make a big deal about it! It will go away over time. But lots of practice on bending the neck! You can also see Enzo has no idea about moving forward with me on him! I take my time and I am teaching him to move forward with my butt checks. If that doesn't work I close my thighs. If that doesn't work? I close my calf's. Then I cause commotion behind me by taping myself first. So far that is as far I seem to need to go with my phases. I would like him to walk though, when I engage my butt checks. Enzo will get it soon enough one day. I only start my horses in a halter and lead line and bareback pad. If I go to an outdoor arena someday, then I might use my saddle just to have a little more stability, since young horses can move fast. But I stay in the rope halter. I need my horses to really understand the Parelli porcupine game and to release from the pressure on their face. If I cannot get them to turn or bend on a halter. Then I won't get them to bend or turn on a bit later in life. Try to watch the video till the 6/7 minute mark. I move the camera while I am riding Enzo and then we do a fun thing! Either way, I rode both boys yesterday and I had fantastic Sunday!!! I hope you enjoy the video!!!!! Keep it natural~Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!


  1. Wow!! So fun. Enzo is turning into a superhorse :)
    You have taught him so much. Super cool and love how laid back he's getting. How tall did it feel when he stood on the pedestal with you on his back? Great work!!!!

  2. Awhh, thanks Kristen! Yeah, he feels tall up there. I had to laugh that he stummbled though. Enzo goes on that thing all the time, even by himself if I leave him loose, he loves it. It's probably, becasue I had the cam corder out, LOL! Camera fright, LOL

  3. Yaaaaa how awesome! He's an amazing guy and you are an inspirational teacher. I've learned to be patient but you always soo patient. Clearly you are doing an awesome job with him.

    I rode Grayson in a halter and bareback all the time when he was 4. I think that has something to do with him being very soft through turns. I ride bitless most of the time and we recently started WTC bareback. Love love love riding bareback!

  4. I love the way he moves around for you and watches your body language so well. I need to practice that with Chrome, but I'm so unaware of my own body language most of the time hehe. I feel like I never grew out of the clumsy teenager stage lol. Enzo is so sweet and curious. :)

    One thing I wanted to mention is that when you mounted, you had him flex to his left. If he'd been spooked that would have swung his hindquarters into you and on the mounting block which could be dangerous. I know he's super laid back, but it could happen. Typically I flex their head toward me so their hindquarters move away. Just a thought. :D I think you're doing so fantastic with him.

    I laughed out loud when he stumbled on the pedestal. Silly boy. It's amazing how much that little added weight on their backs messes with their balance. I guess that's why it takes them so long to find their balance in the canter when they first do it with a rider. I really wish I were shorter and lighter so I could ride sit on Chrome now, but he's so light boned from the Arabian that I'm afraid to do too much with him. Just have to be patient. Surely May can't be too far off with the rate time is flying by right now lol.

    He's doing so well and he's absolutely gorgeous. You must be so happy with your amazing boy. Thanks for sharing the video. I really enjoyed it. :)

  5. It is funny how a rider can throw off the balance of a green horse. Grayson's still wonky at the canter...even with a saddle.

    He's improved a lot bareback (trot and canter) but he's still not used to me moving around a lot more. I know he tenses...almost like he's trying to march as straight as possible to keep me on. And of course he comes to a screeching halt if I'm majorly off balance. :) Our bareback canter transition is also pretty bad. :)

  6. Oh thanks for the great compliments guys! If you noticed Enzo was on the pedistal earlier with me and had no problem. And if you play the video back Enzo tripped with his front right foot and then fell off of the pedistal. Then when he re-tried he wasn't too sure of that "moving" pedistal, LOL. But I am sure being young has a factor as well, LOL.

    Good point on the mounting block! I only picked the other direction, since Enzo wants to eat eveything, LOL!!!

  7. LOL Chrome likes to taste and eat everything too. :)

    It did look like he had no problem the very first time he got on the pedestal. I didn't even think about the trip causing the hesitation. Duh. When Chrome trips off of his pedestal he jumps right back on. Silly boy has no fear at all. He's so silly.