Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My NEW Haflingers 2nd ever Parelli ride!

Ok, here is my 2nd video from this past Sunday of me riding Kaspin. Please look at past post for the video of me riding Enzo Sunday(and other post, since I have been busy taping)! I cannot figure out how to load more than one video on a post at a time and it not take 3 hours to load? Please leave me pointers if you have any? Currently, I load my videos to you tube and then share them to blogger from there. It's the only way that it goes fast for me. Anyway, Kaspin in 6 yrs old, and he is 15'2 hands and that is large for a Haflinger. The haflinger breeder never started him till he was 4yrs old. To let his bones and joints mature slowly. Plus, they taught Kaspin some bad manners. Like being super heavy, won't halt without dragging(they even used a twisted wire bit before!), bucks when cantered, hangs on the halter even for leading, etc. So basically, I am going to re-start Kaspin the Parelli way! Meaning, even though Kaspin is 6yrs old, he is as green as Enzo basically. So this video is also very slow, since I am just going through the basics with Kaspin at a walk. Kaspin doesn't even understand the mounting block(don't forget, I mount from both sides of my horses). It took me 20 minutes to get Kaspin close to the mounting block and for me to even get on Kaspin. Don't worry, I took that long part off of the video, LOL. I spent lots of time bending Kaspin's neck to continue teaching the Parelli porcupine game while riding and to hopefully end up with an emergency stop later. Just like Enzo, Kapsin likes to use his mouth also on my shoes, laces, pants, etc! But again, I don't make a big deal of it and it will go away over time. Enjoy! Janine Kaspin, and Enzo!


  1. He's so stinkin' cute! He looks pretty he wants to work!

    As far as's what I do but I also use a Mac. I upload to YouTube through IPhoto or IMovie (depends on if I have to edit the video). This usually takes the longest. Maybe 10ish minutes?

    Once that's done, I take my new YouTube URL and go to Blogger and click my cursor where I want the video to go. I click the little video icon (black slate like thing)...I then choose "My YouTube videos" and select the video I want to embed. If the video is not there, you might have to wait a few minutes for YouTube to finish processing that.

    I've never shared straight from YouTube...I guess I work the other way and have never had any issues with that.

    Hope I helped you a little!

  2. Oh he is SO cute, what a mane!!! You look tiny on him (super tiny on Enzo) lol.
    You are teaching them such great things. Even though my Parelli isn't as awesome as your skills, Laz totally has calmed down and remembers things better when I use their techniques. It's very very cool.

  3. LOL, compared to Enzo, Kaspin does seem small to me. Yeah, sometimes thier manes drive me nuts, because the reins and my hands get whrapped up in hair, LOL!! Thanks!!!!!

  4. I do the same as you do with the videos. I upload to YouTube and then link it in Blogger. It's probably the easiest way to do it. You should be able to do more than one video. I just click the edit html part of the post and paste the embed code in. I didn't have any problems with your post loading, but I have really good internet.

    I'm glad they allowed Kaspin to mature, but sheesh what's with all of the bad habits? That's one reason I wanted a young horse so I could train him the way I like him, like you're doing with Enzo. He's so light and sensitive. I wish Chrome were more sensitive. How did you do it anyway? I don't know much about Parelli and I doin't have the money to spend to learn more. I think I'm just not consistent enough, but it's okay. He's respectful and that's what matters.

    He's looks like he's already really figuring it out. :) You're doing a great job with him.

  5. Thanks! I'll have to try it. I am not the best with computers, LOL

    Well the breeders didn't think these problems were any problems, lol. It's amazing what people just put up with, or buy more equipment to maybe fixs the problem. They told me they even tried a twisted wire in Kaspins mouth as well. Even when they lounged Kaspin they used all this tie down crap!! These people were definately equipment people, instead of really teaching the horse something. I saw all this when I was looking at Kaspin to buy him, and I saw that it all could be fixed. I was not even worried about Kaspins bucking. I would buck too with all these bits, tie downs and crops!

    If you were closer you could borrow my Parelli DVD's:)

  6. Poor Kaspin. I'm glad he found you. It's so aggravating what some people do to horses.

    Also I wanted to comment on your question about my last post. I use a program called Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 (, but it is possible to do it in GIMP or some other photo editor it's just more difficult. While looking at the Serif website I found a free download ( but I've never used it. Digital Scrapbooking is so much fun. :D