Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Well, now I know how a extrovert horse on stall rest feels, LOL. I had left hip surgery on July 8th and I have to stay home for 4 weeks and if I do walk around I need crutches. In short, I had my left hip joint kind of cleaned out. The surgeon took out a bone spur or two, cleaned up torn cartilage, and they had to cut some of my bone that caused the torn cartilage in the first place. It's along story, but not a hip replacement as of yet. I am too young for that currently. So that is what I have been up to lately and that is why the post lately are slow. Either way, I am extroverted person and I have to move. I have had lots of friends tell me to read, or take up knitting. But no way! That would entertain me for about 1 minute! I need to move my feet! So now I really know why extroverted horses need to move their feet! That energy has to go somewhere! I have 2 more weeks of solitary confinement. That means staying at home and pretty much doing nothing, super yuck!!! After the 2 weeks, I can finally start physical therapy. At least, I can go somewhere and start moving my feet, LOL. Yeahhh!!!

Other than that, the boys are doing just fine and I am sure they're loving their vacation of pretty much doing nothing. I am paying one of my Parelli friends to play with my 2 boys once a week until I am back? So at least my 2 boys won't forget how to respect and play with humans, LOL. I have had a chance to get out to the barn at least 3 different times to at least pet and feed carrots to my boys over the fence! That has been lots of fun! Today was the 3rd visit. Both boys seemed happy and after I fed them, I sat down and just watched them for a while. Enzo and Bally, a girl horse at the farm were grooming each other for a while and it was soooo cute! I then wished I had brought a camera. Maybe next time! Kaspin pretty much did his own thing and was just enjoying nibbling grass. It was nice for me to feel the sun, and feel the breeze on my face. I also enjoyed all the smells that I had missed. The nice smells of the new stored hay and of course, that lovely horse SMELL!!!!! I also smiled, since Enzo and Kaspin are now really good buddies! I was kind of trying to find Enzo a younger horse when I was looking. So the 2 horses could play together! And it turned out great!! Those 2 boys are constantly goofing around and loving every minute. You should see the sparing marks all over both of them, LOL.

Keep it natural, Janine Enzo and Kaspin!


  1. Get well soon Janine!!! But from my experience (2 broken hands) don't push it!

    I'm with you...I go crazy if I have to sit still! Before I had Grayson and right after I moved to NC, I tried jewelry making and other crafts but I was bored after 20 minutes. Love my pony and the pony smell that only horse people understand.

  2. Wow sounds incredibly unpleasant. I hope you heal up quickly and that the next two weeks fly by super fast. Try to take it easy though. You don't want to cause any damage now that they've cleaned it up. Keep the hip replacement at bay!

    I'm glad the boys are happy and having fun. Definitely need to take the camera next time. :)