Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th weekend and Kaspin video

Hello all!

Here is Kaspin just learning a few Parelli games! I love this boy already very much. He is just so kind and quiet and as with Enzo he makes me smile very much! Life is great when you can smile daily! I hope everybody has a fun and safe 4th of July!!! Please enjoy this video and if you missed my last few post? I had listed at least 2 other videos as well below. Of Enzo also doing great, in case you missed them!

The Seven Games Details
Most people have trouble communicating with horses because they don't know the Seven Games that horses know
Use the Seven Games to: build trust and relaxation; teach horses to respond and yield when leading; yield backwards/away from you; respond to the rein or your leg when riding; yield without touching; equalize backwards and forwards; develop straightness; teach transitions; help your horse overcome fear of narrow spaces
Develop more creativity and purpose in your training sessions
Learn how to use "Phases" to keep it polite and get your horse "light"
Learn simulations to develop your skills before teaching your horse
Teach your horse to move away from pressure

Savvy fun!! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!


  1. He's so smart and responsive. :D I know nothing about Parelli so just curious when you have him walking around you why don't you turn with him? I noticed you doing that with Enzo as well.

  2. In the Parelli circle game you let the horse move his feet. In the horse world herd the horse who moves his feet the most is not dominant. I hope that explains a bit? LOL.