Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday ENZO, my bad!


I had my left hip surgery on July8th and I was soooo busy, that I totally forgot Enzo's Birthday! WOW!!! What a boob I am and I feel so bad! I cannot wait until I heal 100% from this surgery and can go back out and play with my boys all the time again. I miss them very much!!! I still go and visit and feed them carrots over the fence once and a while. But of course, it's just not the same. Plus, I am thinking the carrot idea will be short lived real soon. There are 4 horses in that pasture. Enzo and Kaspin are the 2 low horses in the herd. When I would go and feed them carrots, I never feed carrots to the other top 2 horses in the herd. Since, I didn't want the top 2 horses to get the idea to fight for the carrots. But, slowly the top 2 horses are getting the idea there might be something worth fighting for. Since they hear and see all the crunching, LOL. Plus, Kaspin is even starting to bite Enzo, to also get more carrots than Enzo. Bad Kaspin, LOL, but you cannot blame him. In this summer heat I am sure the carrots are refreshing! I cannot even give an update on how tall or what Enzo's weight is currently? It will be interesting to check though someday, when I can run around again. Well keep it natural out there and Happy Birthday Enzo, Love mom!!!


  1. Oh my goodness I can't believe he's only 2! Look what you've done with him Janine! You must be proud!

    Happy Birthday Enzo!

  2. Thanks Julie! That's so sweet of you!!

  3. Happy Birthday Enzo!!! I can't wait until you can have a belated special birthday day with Enzo. I enjoyed Chrome's second birthday so much. I think you saw the post. If not I took some really cute pictures. :) I can't wait to see how tall Enzo has gotten and how much he weighs. I hope you heal up quickly.