Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kaspin feeling better again. I hope!

Vet was out at 10am. Took blood work just in case. Kaspin was still quiet but more alert than last night. Temp was 99.1 so that is good. Kaspin left a tiny bit of food behind in food bowl this am. So Kaspin is by no means dying lol. But he isn't 100% either. Vet gave some banamine too. Kaspin despises banamine or any bute! Here is his photo after banamine today. He will do this for an hour after, won't eat, and even drools. Vet is hoping just a little bug and Kaspin should be fine. Let's hope. I need a healthy horse moving to NC. Thus the fast call to vet! 


  1. His smile is so adorable. Too bad it's because he hates the benamine. Poor guy! Fingers crossed he feels better super fast!