Thursday, December 12, 2013

Product review!!

My product review on the Wiksmart Cooling Blankets!!! Kaspin and I absolutely love it! We love that it cools the wettest areas of chest and belly with the extra built in panels easy to use. No other cooler does that! Cut my time in half to 40 mins instead over 1.5 hours to cool Kaspin out. This picture day it was 20 degrees out and it took us still only 40 mins too cool out and dry up sweaty areas. Made in USA!!!!! Who doesn't LOVE that! Worth the price, for a product that actually works and will last a long time!! Kaspin even has room to graze in it. All A++++ from us!! Go check Misty's page out! She is a level 3 Parelli student too! Here are my pictures!! J9 and Kaspin!

Belly band and chest.

Plenty of room to graze. 

 Made in USA!!

 Cool logo.

  Kaspin wondering if were done yet!! LOL.

I love you Kaspin!! 


  1. Looks to be very well made. Kaspin looks great in it too.

  2. Nice! How did you like the Cruiser?

  3. Nice!
    How did you like the Cruiser?

    1. I think I got it all figured out. I have had some friends help with shimming and been sending pictures to Parelli saddles. I have not gotten last email back from parelli saddles yet to see now if saddle looks better? They thought it still needed to come up in front a bit. It does take a bit to get used to the seat at first but now that I am riding in it. It feels like I have had it forever now and I do like the seat. I hope Parelli saddles think the last pictures were good!! I cannot ride this week(I had an epidural in my back for a narrowing disk space and need to rest) Then, I have lots of holiday plans. So I might not get to try it out the saddle more till next year!! Happy Holidays!!

  4. I love that it's blue! Kaspin is so cute in it. How hard is it to put on? I've never seen one quite like that with the belly band and everything. I'm glad it works so well. :)

    1. Thanks!! Doesn't seem any harder to put on than a regular cooler. Here is her video to put it on:) Have a great Holiday!!