Monday, December 23, 2013

Kaspin snow day! And merry Christmas to all our Equine Friends!!

Do you take time of for a snow storm?? We don't! I think it's a great time to go play and ride! This day was 20 degrees and pelting snow at us, LOL! We got 5.5 inches that day. But Kaspin and I still had fun!!! Here are my videos and some Christmas fun pictures!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! Give you equine partners a big hug from us too! xoxoxo 

Kaspin and Bally out in the pasture on another snowy day in MI.
 A Christmas selfie with Kaspin! I do love my cheetah Christmas Hat!! 
 Gotta love a snow covered horse nose always!! 
 Kaspin wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!! 
 Another selfie with my purple Chrismas hat. I don't think either one of us is feeling it, LOL!! 
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays from J9, Kaspin, and the forever missed Enzo!! Enzo will never be forgotten ever! Merry Christmas in heaven Enzo!


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