Sunday, June 2, 2013

Great horsey Saturday with lots of pictures!

I AM IN LOVE!!! LOL. I know I have been extremely hurt by losing my past 2 Friesians, both at too young of an age. But my heart is just so in love with this majestic black horse Friesians!! I visited this lovely colt out of Fridse 423 yesterday. He came to this world with a large white star, but he is still allowed to be a registered Friesian. There is only about 100 Friesians in the USA with a white star in their forehead. Any other white on a Friesian is not allowed. This little boy is only 2 weeks old and should mature to 16'2 hands. He really has a sweet disposition and I loved scratching him, taking his pictures, and just loving on him. I could have stayed there forever and just played with him(I really couldn't get enough and I was in heaven). He doesn't have a name as of yet. I'll let you know when I hear:)

I love his white big star:)

I know I can fit him in my car, LOL. 

 Mom always watching over her son:)
 Hey you, pet me again!!
 Your still not petting me!!!
 Ok, nappy time.

 After my visit with the cutest Friesian baby in the world, LOL.  I was off to South Lyon MI to a Jesse Peters Parelli Clinic that was 3 days long. Meggie Andrews my Parelli trainer was also there assisting Jesse. My friend Michele Walsh was there riding her sisters horse also. So I wanted to check it all out. This was my 1st time seeing Jesse Peters give a clinic in person. He seems very nice and has a great sense of humor:) Here was the lovely arena they had.
 Barn isle attached to the arena with 5 stalls and bathroom.
 Great arena and with bits of used old tire mixed in. Very cool. 
 Jesse and Meggie getting Jesse's horses ready. 
 Getting ready to go.
 Meggie riding Jesse's horse.
 Michelle Walsh and her sisters horse. 
 Meggie canter.

 I was sooo happy the rain they called for stayed away.
 Michele looking great.
 Jesse watching over all his students.

I love this shot below. 
Jesse always seems to have a smile on his face. 

 The horse is BO Jangles from Road to the Horse!! 

 Participants having fun!

 Everyone having fun!!

 Office area above the stalls in the arena.
 All 10 participants! 
 Jesse demonstrating.

 Meggie now on Bo Jangles from Road to the Horse. 

 Meggie's time to cantor on Bo Jangles.

After this clinic, I then headed over to Highland MI where my barn is at. I rode Kaspin for the 1st time and I mean I actually rode. I trotted and I played with forequarter turns, hind quarter turns, trotting while staying on the rail. I  also used for the 2 time in my life. My new USED Parelli fluidity saddle and man, I just absolutely love that saddle and I am soooo very thrilled I purchased it!!!! So what a super day!!! Starts with playing with a super cute and sweet Friesian baby! Then to a Parelli clinic for 3 hours. Then to my lovely sweet boy Kaspin to finish off with a 1st great ride, since my shoulder surgery!! Saturdays cannot get any better than this!! I hope you're all having just as much fun of a horse weekend! 

Keep it fun!! J9, Kaspin, and the never forgotten Enzo!! I miss you Enzo! 


  1. The foal is SO stinkin' cute! I don't think I have ever seen a friesian with a star before!

    Great pictures of the clinic! Makes me wish I had a horse to take to one!

  2. Really enjoyed reading about your wonderful day. The foal is gorgeous!

  3. I can't imagine a more awesome day. So, do you think this little Friesian is in your future?


    1. It was fun!! I sure would love to, but boarding 2 horses is just soooooo expensive. I need my own place, I want that more:)

  4. That foal is soooo cute!!! The clinic looked awesome too, and wow on that barn!

    1. Can your place take 2 more horses!! HE HE. No, I don't need 2 horses, LOL. Thanks!

  5. is he for sale?? you sure look cute together ;)

    1. More than 100% he will be for sale. She doesn't need a male at her farm. He is sooo cute, sigh.

  6. Great looking baby. Hope he is going to be yours!

    1. Not sure about that. I have to board and boarding 2 horses get expensive!! Thanks!

  7. Thank you for my cuteness of the day! What a sweetie!
    Looks like a fun time at the clinic!

  8. Awesome! Love the pictures, Thanks for sharing!

  9. What a great day!!! That Friesian baby is ADORABLE!!!! I'm addicted to them too hehe.

    And congrats on the awesome first ride after surgery. I'm glad your shoulder is doing so well.