Sunday, June 23, 2013

Great horse weekend!! You're the best Kaspin! 4th place out of 17, yeah!!!

Well we headed of Saturday morning to proud Lake for the Judged obstacle course! We have been waiting for summer here in MI, but of course today was going to be 90 degrees, pure sun, and high humidity!! Didn't stop Kaspin and I though! Here is Kaspin all set to go in the trailer. Kaspin still won't load with 1 person still, agghh. So I still give Kaspin an "F" for trailer loading, but he is trying! I end up throwing the rope through the trailer window. Then I hand Kaspin to a friend at the back door. Then I go and jump up on my trailer fender and call and pull Kaspin forward from the outside of my trailer. Why my friend uses a Parelli stick to coax him also forward from the back end. Then I feed Kaspin carrots or favorite treat in the window. While back person puts up bumper bar and shuts back door. Otherwise, Kaspin would just go off of the trailer. I hope to someday have kaspin load himself, stand on trailer and wait. While I do butt bar and then shut door myself. Someday I hope!! 

 Few participants working on their obstacles. 
 I started on the ground first. Since this is Kaspin's only 2nd time this year being out. And I am still healing from my shoulder surgery. So I wanted to make sure I had a cool minded horse before I ever got on. ( AM till 12 pm was all for practice. 1 to 4 pm was going to be the judged part. 

 Just hanging out:)
 The field was nice and huge for lots of room. Of course, only a 1/4 of the participants showed up due to the high heat this day! Was to be 75 riders(like past years). But today there were only 22 in the AM part. 
 Kaspin hanging out by the trailer as long as I was near by to hold his hoof! Yes, Kaspin is my chickenlinger, LOL
 Participants waiting to go into the field to start the judged part from 1 pm to 4 pm. 
 Kaspin checking out the course! And can you believe it! I brought my camera to get some riding pictures!! Well, once I got going on the course, I was so into Kaspin and I. That I totally forgot to get any riding pictures!!!!!!! I was sooo bummed, but Kaspin was such a brave and super boy!!! We ended up getting 4th place out of 17 riders!! Wow never expected that and I was just thrilled for sure!!! What a super way to end a 90 degree hot day!!! We both lost multiple pounds of sweat, but it was so worth the fun, meeting new friends, and the experience being out!! Great day and great end! 

 Then on Sunday I went out to the barn just to spend undemanding time with Kaspin. Kaspin was going to have the day off in the shade while I was with him. He sooo deserved it and it was another super hot day. Here is my selfie with Kaspin in the shade! I decide Kaspin deserved a nice cold bubble bath. To make that mane and tail just shine white again. 
This is after his bath and Kaspin is sparkling! 

 Love the blue shampoo!
 Tail all nice and fluffy again! 
 I love the shine. 
 And how very soft horses feel after a bubble bath. Only last for a few minutes though:( Then they go and roll in the dirt.
 Yes, more awful hair Kaspin ripped out while rubbing on trees!!! Kaspin even can make dread locks in his mane. His mane this summer is a lot shorter already:(
 I love the color of Kaspin's eye's Such a nice mahogany brown with a pretty black pupil. I will have to get a nice shot one day with a good camera! This is just my cheap point and shoot camera. 
 Kaspin NO!!!. I didn't walk you an hour to dry for you to still roll! 
 Kaspin NO! Ok, I got him to stop! Kaspin didn't roll, but I am sure he did soon enough later. 
 Love the clean shine. 
 The nice white mane without the normal dirt streak going down the middle, LOL. 
 Flowy clean tail. 
 Yes, more of the tail. It will be dirty in no time!! So I have to enjoy it while I can!!! 
 My arsenal to keep him clean. Blue shampoo, E-zall for the whole body, and Mane N Tail conditioner and lots of it!! 
I hope you all had a fun weekend with your equine friend!! J9, clean Kaspin, and the late Enzo. 


  1. So happy for Kaspin and you having such a wonderful day out. Go Team Kaspin!!!

  2. Awesome job!! Shy makes dreadlocks in her tail, so frustrating. You and Kaspin are doing so great together :)

    1. Yeah, I sooooo wish Kaspin would stop scratching on trees! Thanks!!!

  3. Congratulations! You know, looking at that fluffy white man and tail I could actually smell the cleanliness.

  4. That is so awesome..I so wanted to do that Proud Lake challenge but alas, we didn't...I need a boarding friend with a trailer!!! :)
    Kaspin looks sooo handsome--I was showing my niece his picture this weekend online, because she loves "Laz" and Haflingers after seeing them at the Kentucky Horse park lol

    1. Be happy you stayed home, it was so hot!!! But I am glad we made it through the day with fun! Awhh, thanks for sharing our pictures:) xox

  5. Congrats on the weekend! I'm jealous of that tail!!!

  6. Congrats on fourth place! That is awesome!!!!!!! :D And Kaspin looks amazing. I'm with you on enjoying the tail while it's clean lol.

    1. Thanks girl!! And thanks for the other comments also! Yeah, I sooooo want that baby friesian, LOL. Well have fun!!

  7. I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. :)