Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quiet on this front.

Since my last post of going to Proud Lake things have been pretty quiet with Kaspin and I. Kaspin pulled on my surgery shoulder pretty hard that day. When I was trying to load Kaspin in the trailer in the AM. kaspin decided to bolt by the trailer door and I held on by instinct. Needless to say my shoulder was super soar after my Proud Lake day and I was super scared I hurt my shoulder again. So after that day I took another 2 weeks off doing nothing. Kaspin enjoyed the vacation again! My shoulder got a clean bill of health this AM by my surgeon, thank god!!! And I can go back to weights and playing with Kaspin again. I am all signed up for the Double Dan Clinic Aug 3rd and 4th!!!!!!!!! So that is what I have my brains on as our next trip. Kaspin even gets to have a sleep over at the clinic farm Saturday night. I wonder what Kaspin will think of that? I see lots of screaming from Kaspin!!! Here are some pictures from this past weekend from the Plymouth Art Fair MI and a visit to Kaspin on Saturday and Sunday!

One artist with such a cool metal sculpture. I wish I could have afforded it!! 
 A horse wall hanging.
 Visiting Kaspin after the fair on the way home, still in my dress, LOL.

 Yes, I know! Sexy horse sneekers!!
 Sunday visit with Kaspin on the way to the movies. Saw THE HEAT and laughed my butt off!!
 What a good boy!! 
 Keep it natural, J9, hot Kaspin, and the late Enzo!

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  1. You two take fabulous pictures together! :D

    I'm glad your shoulder is okay. That would have scared me too! Yikes! Take it easy Kaspin lol.

    Good luck at the clinic. I bet you're going to have sooooo much fun!