Sunday, January 20, 2013

We had fun yesterday with my Parelli Lesson!!

Wow, a 1 hour Parelli Lesson goes by so darn fast! I did saddle up Kaspin in case I was to ride in the lesson, but instead the 1 hour went totally to the ground work and was over in no time. I did ride after Steve left though(he did great). I usually have Kaspin lead ME everywhere we go together. Yeah, this might seem odd to people! But Kaspin is very non confident outside of his herd. Kaspin will follow me anywhere if I lead, but Kaspin just ends up hiding behind me and never seeing the world and just follows me. When I have Kaspin lead us places. Then kaspin needs to really look at the world ahead of him and be confident enough to move forward and lead. Most people have horse that are happy to lead and completely take over. This is not Kaspin and I am helping him explore his confidence. Either way, it's been going really good for us. Kaspin will lead out to the outdoor arena very easily, since of course, that is his favorite place to go! Going up to the indoor arena Kaspin has more of sticky feet and he goes too slow. When I first started this a year back or so. It would take me sometimes literally an hour to get somewhere, or to get to the indoor arena. Now it might take me 5 mins or so. I showed Steve yesterday and he thought Kaspin was in a good frame of mind and now I need to ask more of him. Meaning when Kaspin stops and thinks he really doesn't want to go anymore? Than I need to say yes we can and insist a bit more and get moving. Have a purpose of where I want him to go. I practiced after Steve left and I even got Kaspin to trot up the hill to the indoor arena, very cool! Steve informed me that I did a great job on getting Kaspin confident with the indoor arena and now I can move on with asking more from Kaspin. I cannot explain my whole lesson. This post would be 10 pages long, but I can list the main things we played with. Here they are!

1) When Kaspin leads us, give him a purpose and really have him go somewhere, no more sticky feet.
2) Give my backup more of a purpose, no dragging hooves from Kaspin.
3) Give my send in the circle game a purpose. No more Kaspin walking off like he doesn't care.
4) Don't forget lots of friendly game with kaspin in between games. To keep his confidence up.
5) Get more trot laps from my circle game on a 22 ft rope.
6) Kaspin uses "touch it" during all my other games to use it as his own rest area. Move Kaspin on, he doesn't need to take a break and touch everything along the way, LOL.
7) I shouldn't hang on phase 4 on the rope, when Kaspin won't come to me. Don't get to phase 4 on rope, meaning don't pull any and just pick up my stick instead, to get Kaspin to come forward.
8) Play more extreme friendly game with my stick and string, eventually get to zone 5 on Kaspin. I am still standing in zone 1. Move on Janine! Move with Kaspin if he moves when I play the game.

So that is the list! I am really thrilled to know I did a great job on getting Kaspin confident with me and getting Kaspin confident being in the indoor arena. Let see how well I do today in the indoor arena with Kaspin? Today we're having 35 mile an hour winds! This should make for lots of noise in the arena today! Winds were even higher last night and I have to say I hardly slept, listing to a running train noise all night. I think I will sleep much better tonight.

I also forgot to mention the most important part of yesterday! I usually can get Kaspin to blow out a bunch of times in the outside arena(8 to 20 times). That shows me that Kaspin is mentally relaxed. Anyway, in the indoor I cannot get a blow out if my life depended on it from Kaspin. Well yesterday Kaspin gave me 1 blow out when were riding in the indoor arena yesterday. Wooo hooo! I hope to eventually get more in the future in the indoor arena!

Keep it savvy!! Janine, Kaspin, and sweet thoughts Enzo

Another spring shot:) I love the ears Kaspin has on me:)

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  1. Sounds awesome!! You're doing a great job with him. :D