Thursday, January 17, 2013

Here we are 2013!

Well Kaspin and I both had a great Christmas and New Year! Here is a picture of some more cookies Kaspin got for Christmas! The ones on left are from me(Kaspin LOVES them, I need to order more!). The cute basket with horse muffins came from the barn owner!!! HOW CUTE!!! And Kaspin adores these hand made beauties!!! 

My New Years Kiss to Kaspin:)

Kaspin has one more hand made gift coming for Christmas, but I told the lady to take her time. Since she of course, was super over loaded with Christmas gifts to make for others. I told her Kaspin was patient enough to wait after Christmas:) I will post once I get it!!

I have had 2 Parelli video sessions with my Parelli trainer Meggie Andrews. I needed some more savvy arrows of dealing with Kaspin in the indoor arena. Kaspin is a very super RBI horse in the indoor and outside arena Kaspin is a very confident RBI horse. So now that I am spending a lot more time indoors(due to weather & darkness). I noticed how problematic Kaspin is. Indoors Kaspin is (to him) way too far away from the herd! Yes, Kaspin is herd bound. Not my favorite, but I am hoping someday kaspin can trust me to be the leader of our herd of only 2 when we are together alone. So far Kaspin doesn't believe me yet. Anyway, added the 4 walls where Kaspin cannot see the safe outside, makes it even more scary for him. Kaspin cannot see the outside danger coming! One day the barn owners were talking in the driveway. Most people wouldn't think this was an issue, but Kaspin was super duper worried! Lucky for introverts don't move much, LOL. Kaspin gets worried when a car drives by on the driveway next to indoor, the dogs are let out by the indoor, or a plane flies over head. None of these are issues for Kaspin outside. Kaspin see it all around him, where in the arena Kaspin just cannot see these things going on. Just so funny to me of course, not funny to Kaspin! So I play lots and lots of Parelli friendly game in the indoor, Parelli approach and retreat, and the Parelli game of touch it for more confidence. And keep everything SLOW for Kaspin when we are in the indoor. If I go too fast Kaspin cannot handle the away stress from the herd, the claustrophobic arena, and deal with me!! So much for a little horse to learn! But getting my video help from Meggie has helped us both and I enjoy the extra savvy arrows indeed! 

 Here is a commercial of Meggie's video teachings!

Keep it savvy!!! Janine, Kaspin , and the never forgotten Enzo


  1. Can't wait to see Kaspins belated Christmas gift. You just reminded me to get the ingrediants to make Camryn her birthday cookies!

  2. Good thing Kaspin has you to work with him and not rush him! I am excited to see what his Christmas gift is too!

  3. Yummy looking cookies hehe. I love the picture of Kaspin's kiss. :)

    Kaspin will grow to trust you in no time because you are so patient and thorough. Keep up the awesome work with him!