Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Parelli lesson today, yeah! Also bit, or no bit?

Looking forward to my 1 hr Parelli lesson today with Steve Andrews! I have been continuing to work on keeping Kaspin confident and happy in the indoor arena away from his herd. Now I want to know how to start moving a bit more forward in our Parelli games, but without losing Kaspin's confidence and losing his leadership with me? Then  I might get into some riding? If there is enough time? I really want Kaspin to learn the one rein stop really well. This past summer I fell off of Kaspin, due to my fault! I totally forgot to tighten my girth on my saddle(stupid me). The saddle started to slip and Kaspin got worried and started to run. I was trying the one rein stop. Kaspin for 1, didn't really know it well as of yet. And 2, Kaspin was too worried to listen to a 1 rein stop(and Kaspin was in a bridle that day, I was the fist few times outside and I hadn't trusted him yet without one). I need Kaspin to really understand that 1 rein stop for any possible emergencies in the future. Currently I am only riding Kaspin in the hachamore. I need Kaspin to be just as soft in bending and I don't need a bit for this of course. I too try to always go without a bit any and every time I can ride!!!!!! I do however take a bit when I go to different new scary areas Kaspin is not familiar with for both of our safety!! Just because I put a bit on Kaspin, really doesn't mean I need to use it ever. People get so confused with this!!! I have Kaspin wear it and I have the reins just hanging or hanging on his neck. I only pick up the reins if Kaspin can't understand my thought, eyes, bellybutton, legs first. Then I can only pick up the reins, not the bit. BUT I love to take a bit also, because crazy things happen on trail rides and I want to be able to save my life and my horses life! YES, I have had friends that were hit by cars(literally)one horse didn't make it, so sad. I have had a friend that was attacked by a turkey in the woods and the turkey flew up on her horses withers when they rode by! I have had a friend that her horse was clipped in the rear end by a deer running by on the trails. Needless to say, if you have a horse bolting from some of these instances. Yes, these are extreme examples, but they do happen! Then these are times I am not Pat Parelli who rides 365 days a year! And if I need to use a bit to help stop my horse from running off into other cars, or other dangers? Than I rather use a bit for that ONE moment. I would feel even more terrible, if I cannot turn my horse hard and fast from an on coming car out of control. My friend had to do this once also and luckily the horse got out of way in time and she fell off her horse after and never got hit by  the car either. This all happened from a teenager speeding on a dirt road and lost control of the car. Did  my friend did use her bit that day? Yes she did. Did she pull hard? Yes she did. Did they both live? Yes, they did. Does she otherwise ever use her bit like that normally? Absolutely not! Ok, I went way off of course here, but I am all for natural as possible! But us regular riders who ride only a few times a week for fun. Then I feel better taking my bridle and myler soft bit on my trail rides and in any new scary areas. Have to be ready for the UNTHINKABLE:) Any piece of equipment can be hard on a horse. As long as I always remember to be as soft as I can(like a fly). This equipment will never hurt my horse, nor cause him to be fearful of the equipment. Even a hackamore can be too strong in the wrong rough hands. So today I want to work on continuing my softness in the hackamore and bending of the neck, the horse body, and moving the hind quarters of Kaspin. Update coming soon! In the meantime. I long for the nice green grass of spring like this one below. And of course, the warm sun on my face! Keep it natural!!! Janine, soft bending kaspin, and the ever so missed Enzo


  1. I SO agree. My Oberon has a bit Cradel C3 (Parelli) and I am very light with my hands as are my girls. Look, leg, lead is first (and that is usually ALL we ever need) but if on the trail and I ever NEED to use the bit, then it is there. Keep up the great work with your handsome boy.

  2. I agree as well. I use a sidepull when just playing here at home. Out and about it's a snaffle bit.

  3. Have fun with your lesson!

    You bring up some really good points with the bit thing.... now I'm thinking I probably do need to teach Chrome to work in a bit. I could even maybe set up my bitless bridle with reins attached to the sidepull and attached to the bit? I want to be able to do dressage bitless which will require contact so I'll have to figure out something. Definitely something to think on. Thank you!