Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Hello bloggers!!!

Here is my post from facebook below on Enzo! If you are looking for a cool easy to use natural fungal cream that works great on scratches, or other fungal problems! Then this is the site you need to visit and if you need any questions answered? Then you can email Georgette and she will happily answer your questions! 

Thanks Zephyr's Garden for ANTI-FUNGAL SALVE! I have a Friesian Gelding that just turned 3 named Enzo! Enzo got scratches! I of course, didn't want to cut his feathers off! And I knew I wanted something natural for him and safe for me to touch. I read all the pointers that Georgette posted on her wed page about treating scratches. I decided to just use the Anti-Fungal Salve for now. I knew Enzo wouldn't handle a hair dryer and I didn't want to leave his feathers wet after shampooing. I also think I might have caused the scratches? Due to the USA heat wave. I too bathed and rinsed my horse a lot this summer. But with the high humidity, I am thinking the feathers stayed wet a lot longer than I realized. So that was another reason I didn't want to get Enzo wet some more. I did use a fine tooth comb and used the Anti-Fungal salve. Within days I could see a difference and Enzo is so happy to no longer have the painful ankles! I posted this since I know there are many people struggling yearly with scratches and this natural treatment really does work! In my shipment I also got a sample of the Anti fungal Spray! I have used this as well and plan to order some in the future to keep the scratches away! Thanks Georgette!

Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!!

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  1. Thanx for posting this. One of my neighbors boarders suffers from scratches on and off. I'll let her know about this product.