Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flying colors with Equine Dentistry this time:)

Well the 6 month mark showed up and it was time to have the Equine Dentist out for Enzo again. Kaspin also needed his yearly cheek up done as well. If you don't know? Enzo is teething really bad and his caps(baby teeth) are not coming off like normal. So Enzo needs helps with his mouth about every 6 months. Otherwise, he has a super hard time eating. The last visit was Feb, 2012 which had me all worried for Enzo on this visit. In Feb the dentist pulled quite a few caps and Enzo had a few roots that broke off in the front teeth and was causing an infection in the front teeth. Needles to say, there was lots of blood and teeth pulling and me(mom) wasn't handling it too well. So this time, I was kind of expecting the same and I was really worried and hadn't slept well in a few days anticipating the yucky fate. But to my surprise both boys did super awesome and went through with flying colors!!! I was the happiest person alive!! No teeth pulling, no blood, no me freaking out! Just plain old leveling of the teeth and both boys were done in no time!!!! Yeahhhh!! But I knew there had to be some bad news somewhere. The dentist informed that Enzo's next 6 month visit might not go so well again. He has 4 more caps trying to come off in back, they might get pulled in 6 months of they haven't come off by then? And Enzo front teeth are all goofy again and the dentist might have to dig out broken roots again. Basically Enzo doesn't have enough room is his mouth for his front teeth and they are kind of crammed right now. It looks really funny. He has 2 super large teeth in and then the rest are tiny teeth. When the roots get smoshed around like that. That is when they have a tendency to break off and cause infections later. Well ok, I will deal with this is 6 months!! For now I am still jumping up and down that this visit went sooo smoothly for both horses!! Wooo hoooo! Mom is sleeping good again! Sorry, I don't have any fun video, or pics this time. I thought I had my video camera with me in my car, but I couldn't find it. I was too frazzled to look correctly though my car, because later I found it in my car in a different bag. I was bummed! Since I would have loved to have taken some new video, or pics, bummer.

 Keep it natural, Janine, Enzo, and Kaspin:)


  1. Poor Enzo, I've always hated going to the dentist myself. Can't imagine how he feels about the whole thing.

  2. Yay for the good check up!! Go Enzo!

    That sucks that he predicts the same problems at the next one though. Is this something that won't be a problem once all of his adult teeth are in? I've never heard of the roots breaking off and having to be dug out. :( Poor Enzo.

    1. Yes, once his big teeth are all in Enzo should be fine. Just like people some people that have great mouths and no problems and some people have bad mouths and always have issues. So far it seems Enzo's mouth/head is too small for all his teeth. Smiles!!!

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