Friday, July 20, 2012

Kaspin getting feet cleaned, fly spray, saddle, bridle, + standing tied video.

Here is a video of Kaspin being a sweet boy ground tied in the barn isle way. I showed him getting his feet cleaned. Parelli usually does all 4 feet from one side. So you will see me go around a 2nd time just showing that he can pick up all 4 feet from one side. But when I actually cleaned his feet, I did do it from both sides on this video. Since most people do it like this. Then I did fly spray. I use all natural fly spray and I used a lot in this video. Just again, to show Kaspin was fine with it. Then, I went to saddle and bridle. And yes, I do everything for both sides. I saddle from both sides. I put rope halter on from both sides and I lead from both sides. I even mount my horse from both sides. Yes, I love to give them tiny cookies! But I do only give cookies now in the isle way and that is it. So I guess, it's my spoil spot and I love to feed them:) Lastly, I just showed Kaspin standing tied. I had fun making this little video! Have a super horse savvy weekend! What do you have planned with your horse this weekend?? Janine and Kaspin!