Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Enzo Birth Mark, and neighbors shooting practice. July 15th, 2012

Here is a birth mark Enzo has had, since he was born. It looks like in old scar or a cut, but Enzo was never injured or cut. Yes, my black horse is once again a bleached out bay Friesian! Oh well, Enzo enjoys the tons of outside time!!!

Turn up your volume! I was bummed it didn't come out louder! But the neighbors were doing shooting practice and it was sooooooooo loud in person. Enzo could care less as long as he had his grass!!!

Keep it natural! Janine, Enzo and Kaspin!!


  1. We had some neighbors that did shooting practice near the barn in the fall/winter. The horses did not care, but they were teens/young adults and were shooting all kinds of guns at all hours of the day/night. We were concerned they might hit the horses because they were so close. The barn owner went to talk to them and they did shoot more respectfully after that.

  2. Sounds like our neighborhood. Camryn is pretty laid back about it too. No birthmakes, though plenty of hair swirls.

  3. LOL Greedy gut Enzo eats grass like Chrome does. Stuff your mouth so full you can't swallow it lol. So cute!!

    I'm used to hearing shooting practice like that because I grew up near a military base. In fact I kind of miss it lol. And the planes. Now when I see a plane go over it startles me because I'm not used to it anymore. Growing up I would see/hear several a day! And they were really cool, low flying military planes, not regular passenger planes. :)

    Enzo's birthmark is so cool! Can you see it when he has his black coat in or only when he's bleached out?

    1. Yes, you can pretty much always see it. The hair is different on that line. It's more coarse and raised a bit. But it does blend in much better when he is black and probably people wouldn't really notice. Unless, I pointed it out when he is black. Have fun always!!